Xbox 360 First-Party 'Has Been Superior' to PS3, Wii, says Microsoft

Xbox 360 has certainly had a great deal of momentum this year and Microsoft is feeling its oats, proclaiming after the June NPD report that it would be number one worldwide at the end of the year. And that's not all - in a recent interview with IndustryGamers, Xbox CFO Dennis Durkin insisted that the first-party studio system at Microsoft Game Studios is actually "superior" to Sony or Nintendo.

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zeal0us2589d ago

here comes another flame-bait article bet this will be top news soon.

RedDead2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Console exclusives it was for the first 2-3 years. Since then, MS have abandoned them and Sony has embraced them(well actually, they just got released after a few years)

Honestly down below, Halo, resistance and Killzone it comes down to preference, Halo was my favorite out of those, then KZ2. Fable and Forza I agree with, I hate Fable 2 and 3, love Demons souls and Valkyria chronicles with a passion, but Oblivion and Bioshock got a year headstart on the 360 too, they were considered 'console' exclusive for a while aswell, Gears 1 was the first 'great' cover tps and multiplayer tps shooter. Besides warhawk but warhawk is very different from uncharted or Gears. Halo came out 2007, so early compared to KZ2. XBL was alot better than Psn back then(sony have since caught up, I have stopped paying/using Live due to that)

Halo and Gears are top franchises anyway, you can't really say they're beaten by other games, all we can say is. KZ is a great franchise, Halo is a great franchise, Uncharted is a great franchise, Gears is a great franchise. The rest is either preference or like me...I sort of just consider them in my Great game category( I have 3, Great, entertaining, bad)

MAJ0R2589d ago

negative MS, you gotta have proof to back up a statement like that

sdtarm2589d ago

"Xbox 360 First-Party 'Has Been Superior' to PS3, Wii, says Microsoft"

the only superior thing is the bullsht things they spit

gaffyh2589d ago

It was for the first couple of years into PS3's release, because the PS3 was still behind, but since 2008, Sony have been had a stellar lineup that puts Nintendo and Microsoft to shame.

disturbing_flame2589d ago

I think even a lot of 360 players are aware of the problem of lack of exclusives on 360.

If by firts party game MS is talking about kinect games and casual games, maybe they can be proud but for the core players this is nothing that can maintain their interest if they love video games.

mindedone2589d ago

Come on, lazertroy, give them the few months before the other two systems came out

Inside_out2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Look, nobody is going to argue which platform has the most exclusive games launching this year...Sony wins hands down in terms of quantity and volume. What he is describing is that M$ has some great, well received and great selling IP's across different genres and this year will be no different.

Gears of War will be the highest rated and selling TPS this year, how can it not be. Everything has been over hauled and in terms of value with 4 player co-op, Horde and multi-player modes, it's the complete package. People will argue Uncharted and maybe they are right but I doubt it.

Forza 4 is flying solo this year and there won't be ANY racer this year that will be able to touch it. I think everybody will agree with that.

Halo CE Anniversary edition will make an appearance as a FPS and will come fully feature just like a new release with firefight and multi-player for $39.99. The FPS plate is full this year with Res 3, Rage, Battlefield 3 and of course the biggy COD so it will be interesting. Nobody is expecting Halo to outsell all those top titles but sales should still be solid.

The highly critically acclaimed PC RPG Witcher 2 is coming to 360 first this year. The dev promises that they are working day and night to make it the best version, fixing some of the PC bugs...not platform exclusive BUT definitly console exclusive.

Kinect, by the time the holidays roll by, will have magically tripled it's user base in terms of games. I doubt anyone thinks anything Move or Wii related will top Elmo, Disney and all the rest...C'mon, those things sell themselves.

Sooo...he's not lying and they are actually taking some smack no matter how silly their assertions are that they can beat the Wii at 90+ million.

Sony has one of the best line ups they have had in years and so far it's been a disaster. Fighting with EA over the Crysis beta, Bad PR with the whole Hotz thing, on line issues, relatively poor sales for KZ3, so-com and Infamous 3 have been surprising. They have a decent line up for the holidays but lets not kid ourselves...M$ exclusives and third party are the top selling, in terms of units and everybody knows 360 IS the fps console and with Rage, Battlefield and COD dropping over a 2 month period, this will be the best 360 year yet.

gman_moose2589d ago

@ Inside Out

You say Gears 3 will be the best rated TPS, which it very well may be, but that is only because there's a huge double standard in the gaming industry. Uncharted 3 will be every bit as good as Uncharted 2, but it will get docked points for not having enough new stuff, only slight improvements in graphics (which is an accomplishment considering how UC2 looked), and I'm sure the critics will find a way to bash its story too.

Meanwhile, Gears 3 will receive a free pass in all these areas despite suffering from the EXACT same flaws. It will have very little new added to it, a very very slight bump up in graphic performance (lets be honest, Gears 2 pushed the bar on 360) and an unimpressive story. Gears 1 had such a bad story I had to do to Wikipedia to read the plot just to find out something about the background so I knew what the hell I was fighting for, and what was going on.

My point is U3 will be improved over U2, but will take a hit with the critics (especially nowadays where the cool thing to do is slam PS3 games) and GeOW3 will be better than Gears 2, but will get 9.5's across the board. Not sure what has caused this divide among the gaming critcs across the world, but it's starting to get a bit old.

Sony can do nothing right, MS and Nintendo can do nothing wrong.

TBM2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


In case you haven't noticed Uncharted 2 is the highest rated TPS this generation, and no other TPS will match it get your facts straight.

Each company has quality games this generation so take your fanboy crap somewhere else.

Also you act like Uncharted 3 wont score high marks this which it will.

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chaos-lockheart2589d ago

Some one please fire this guy, now I know who's ruining xbox360

SilentNegotiator2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

"Has been" sounds right.

It was much stronger early in this gen.

insomnium22589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


You should check the review for Geow from 1up. You can laugh at conspiracy theories all you want but....

zag2589d ago

I wonder how NPD that only looks at sales in the USA market has now suddenly become the world market?

How can the 360 become the highest sold when that's really the Wii, and the PS3 sells more outside the USA.

How do people come up with the 360 suddenly outselling both the PS3 and the Wii?

REALgamer2589d ago

A lot of the exclusives seem to have direct competitors on the other platform, so really it's a case of personal preference.

Here's mine, as a cross-platform gamer, separated into genres (note: this is just my own opinion, as it's different for everyone):

Halo: Reach > Halo 3 > Killzone 3 > Gears of War 2 > Gears of War > Halo 3: ODST > Resistance 2 > Killzone 2 > Resistance 1

Forza 3 > Project Gotham Racing 4 > GT5 > Forza 2 > PGR3 > MotorStorm series > Kinect JoyRide

Fable 2 = Demon's Souls > Fable 3 > Folklore > White Knight Chronicles 2 > White Knight Chronicles 1

Infamous 2 > Crackdown = Infamous 1 > Crackdown 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 > LittleBigPlanet 1 > Banjo Kazooie: Nuts 'n' Bolts > Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Uncharted 2 > God of War 3 > Alan Wake = Uncharted 1

MGS4 > Splinter Cell Conviction

Dance Central > SingStar

Kinect Sports > Sport Champions

Viva Pinata > Kinectimals > Eyepet

Dead of Alive 4 > The Fight > Uncaged

DOWNLOADABLE (that I've played...):
Flower > Shadow Complex

Games without real exclusive competitors on the other console:
Heavy Rain, Halo Wars

I'd be interested to hear everyone else's rankings!

Consoldtobots2589d ago

let me put this oh so eloquently.....

bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahhahahaha


bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahaha

ABizzel12589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

BigPark - Kinect Joy Ride

Good Science Studio - Kinect Adventures

Lionhead Studios - Fable series, Black & White series, The Movies

MGS Family - Untitled Project

MGS Soho - Untitled Project

MGS Mobile Gaming - ilomilo

MGS Vancouver - Untitled Project[11]

Rare Ltd. - Kinect Sports, Banjo-Kazooie series, Viva Piñata, Perfect Dark series

Turn 10 Studios - Forza Motorsport series

Xbox Live Productions - South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

343 Industries - Halo series

Really MS, Really... And before anyone complains they said "First Party", and that's exactly what this is, a list of First Party franchises for MS.

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marinelife92589d ago

What first party? Halo, Fable and Forza??

xabmol2589d ago

I thought Bungie was 2nd party?

Etseix2589d ago

and Gears, ...

ah.. this makes me remember the bad nicknames fanboys gave to these games. such thigns as Flopza, Failble, etc.

On topic: /facepalm

theonlylolking2589d ago

Those three have all been beat in terms of quality.

Halo is worse than resistane or killzone(which ever you prefer)

Fable is worse than Demon's Souls and valkarie chronicles

Forza is worse than Granturismo

No, I am not saying those three games are bad(except fable).

How can anyone play games that require you to save a princess for 20+years? I would think peeps would get bored of that.

sikbeta2589d ago

Gears made by Epic = Third Party exclusive...


lol are they kidding or just trolling? XD

NukaCola2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Halo & Gears are truly successful. MS has focused more resources on those two franchises than all others combined. It's easier to support 2 vs Sony's 21 studios.

As a racer goes, both Nintendo's Mario Kart & Sony's GT have vastly outsold Forza by millions.

I cant think of many other first party titles. Alan Wake was unfortunately unsuccessful. MS has a low track record of diversity in 1st part devs.

Yes Bungie is 2nd Party, MS owns the Halo franchise.

EDIT: Dont understand the disagrees. Please explain

ZombieNinjaPanda2589d ago


I understand youre a fanboy, but do you have to make it so blatantly obvious?

Everything you listed is a 100% opinion. Though I do like Gt5 over Forza etc.

xabmol2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )


Fable =/= Demon's Souls =/= Valkyria Chronicles

Just sayin...

Although I do agree; they are VERY different games.

@NoobSessions (2.5 below)

"Sales- Debatable." <-This makes me facepalm/laugh.

baodeus2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Well i think MS should think about their first party game then. They are somewhat lacking in that department currently although they do have a lot of games in their library.

how would u determine that those three games have been beaten in quality? Let put it to test shall we. Rating = how good the games is, Sell = how popular the game is.

Halo3: 94, +11 millions vs. KZ2 = 92, +3 millions
Fable 2: 89, +4 millions vs Demon Soul = 89, +1millions or VC = 86, < 1million?
Forza3: 92, +4 millions vs GT = 84, +7millions

So where the hell do u get the idea that those games u mentioned have been beaten by the other games u mentioned? In rating no. In popularity, no. Only GT is more popular but the rating is much lower than Forza. Those are hard fact there. Hope you have some concrete evidences to back your shit up. It doesn't take much to think before you post right, or are you incapable of thinking? Even other Sony fanboy wouldn't want u to post something like that on n4g cause you just gonna get rape.

I know i get a lot of disagree for this, but let see anyone can help him out and give me a proper debate.

Hint: choose some other games/genra. Not these.

chaos-lockheart2589d ago


No games have been beat, they are all great games, it's just that those are the only games, Halo, fable,forza, alan wake, gears of war....ahhh..... what else.... ahhh...hmmmm 5 games? ahh... I guss that's it.

baodeus2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

Well, i guess no one can dispute what i said is false then? U guys can give me 100 disagrees all u want (out of hate, angry that u can't dispute me, i make u cry by exposing your stupidity, etc...) but until u proven something, then we aren't getting anywhere

here, i'm even giving u guys more chance to disagree with me since you guys are so fond of that perks on n4g.

insomnium22589d ago


First of all Halo 3 is not a 94/100 game. Also Forza is not a 93/100 game. This is exactly what is wrong with this industry nowadays. It's all money and controversy and trying to kill the top dog.

zag2589d ago

Gears is 3rd party it's owned by epic

cjflora2589d ago

@Baodues - You're comparing the score of critics to the sales of consumers. Can we get a comparison of the user scores for the games you listed?

Killzone 2 = 8.2; Halo 3 = 7.6

Demon's Souls = 8.8; Fable 2 = 6.3

GT5 = 7.5; Forza 3 = 7.9

These are scores from actual people who play video games for entertainment. Not people who get paid to review games, get kickbacks from their reviews, or influenced in other ways. Real gamers gave these scores.

baodeus2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )


Can gamer be influence by fanboyism like on n4g? How many gamers giving rating have officially play the games or even have the console? Do they have any set criteria to based on for rating games? Any ideas? If not, the official rating are what to go by. The number of game sold or popularity, in a small way, can also justify the score (if the game sucks, people wouldn't keep buying right?). So unless u have anything concrete to based on, then show me, or unless u agree with insomnium about the world are against Ps3 conspiracy.


If the rating are biased, what about rating for UC2, GoW3, LBP, MGS4? If what u say is true, then perhaps we should eliminate the rating all together. So what do we have left with, the number of game sold because if people like the product, they'll buy more of it correct? So how are the numbers doing?

Example, i think Lost odyssey is the best JRPG this gen, but the rating is actually pretty low. Am i gonna say, they are wrong? No, I'll accept that there are many other people who have different opinions than i do, and based on fact (majority rules), so be it (many of u guys can't seem to accept that for some reason). I can't say millions other people are biased based on just my own opinion now can i?

Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that i can't enjoy the game more than other higher rated games.

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evrfighter2589d ago

Maximum troll.

I'm sure the comments will be entertaining

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2589d ago

Lmfao, wow. What a delusional statement. Are they really deluding themselves to believe this?

EasilyTheBest2589d ago

Hey Marshow, hows the blocking going lololol

You PM me over and over and when I finally reply with a good response you Block me


NoobSessions2589d ago

Quality- Debatable.
Sales- Debatable.
Quantity- No.

seinfan2589d ago

How can sales be debatable? It's a quantifiable fact on who is doing better.

SlyFoxC2589d ago

i look at sales like this...

if both console had the same game then you can go of sales figures...

but when one console is pushing out double the cant really go off sales...

so yes killzone 3 might have sold on X amount..but that is because there was also all the other games to get at the same time

but with MS you the sell only a select few exclusive games...

as i said above sales only figure in when the game is selling on both platforms..

so Sales could come into play for COD...which console sells more...

but in terms of has way it is impossible for each game to sell over 5 million copies

this is just logic

cooperdnizzle2589d ago

@seinfan. If sales is what makes things better, then high school musical is one of the best things ever! Because it made way more money then 90% of movies and 90% of games. I guess i should shoot myself, because it most be good cause it sold so well. Hahahaha you're logic is flawed. Because something sells more does not make it better. I can bring up way more examples if you would like! Let me know.

seinfan2588d ago

Learn how to read in context. I never said sales is what determines quality, you fool. I replied to NoobSessions's comment. So yeah, go ahead and shoot yourself.

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Liquid_Ocelot2589d ago

[I am no hero] *NEVER WAS, NEVER WILL BE*

dontbhatin2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

AWSOME!!! i wonder how many people on here actually know of this quote. and what its from. :) bubbles.

Undeadwolfy2589d ago

Epic quote but how does it relate to the article?

xabmol2589d ago

Dude! Policenauts was an awesome game!

DigitalRaptor2589d ago

It relates to the article in the sense that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is better than any first party offering on the Xbox 360.

Such a game of legacy!

Liquid_Ocelot2589d ago

Agrees + bubbles to each one of you my brothers!!

Undeadwolfy2588d ago

@DigitalRaptor, ah, and yes I am an MGS freak and MGS4 is work of art and is officially my greatest game of ALL time. :)

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TBM2589d ago

First off what first party, and second not in this lifetime Microsoft.

subtenko2589d ago

Im sorry, as much as I would like to create a funny comment, to say xbox360 exclusives are superior is just a lie. A lot of them are really good games those. But in the general aspect, Sony has the ball. Apparently M$ never watched the Billy Mays OxiClean ball commercial. Luckily on the contrary; Sony was on the ball.

Agree or Disagree if you Agree xD

MikeTyson2589d ago

Cool story bro. Let me get my expect on stories to come review this.

Rageanitus2589d ago

Im guessing they are counting the kinect games ;)

hiredhelp2589d ago

HA HA HA . Oh that made me laugh wow just wow. You gota love this person lol yeh right .. He he superior lol oh jees.

kopicha2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

well before i get bash on my comments on this reply i would want to make clear that i am not trying to protect either platform. each of them have their own strong and weakness imo. i personally like halo and gears. so do i like uc and resistances and etcs. i own both platforms so which ever exclusives each platform pumps out its would be another great addition.

but personally i think ppl are forgetting something. i see some ppl may want to talk about quantity vs quality (eg sony > m$) or even like in the article avg metacritic comparison and etcs. but imo both platforms are almost equally good in the aspect of delivering exclusive on their own boat. it is just stupid when ppl start comparing but doing it blindly. as a owner of both platforms i would say m$ is indeed lacking in terms of producing exclusives on their platform. but that does not means they do not have quality. i do not agree that they are better than their competitors in terms of quality. each of them have their own unique experiences. no one win in terms of quality aspect. but in terms of quantity m$ does indeed lacking in reality no matter how ppl want to argue or how m$ is trying to defend themselves. forget about timed exclusives. forget about console exclusives. in my book of exclusive it has always been an unique experience that you can enjoy no where else except the one and only platform that it was born.

exclusives on m$ tends to sell more mainly because they do not have the quantity not because they have the quality. there is no dispute that sony does really well in their exclusives too. best part of them is they have diversity in terms of their exclusive library. it is also because of that it that is what that hurt their total sales since their customers are pampered with choices. eg. Resistance vs KZ. one who buy KZ does not necessary will buy Resistance. they are pretty different yet both are FPS. LBP for example an unique game that may not be for everyone yet its a great game. there are so much to talk about and it probably never end if i go on. also not to forget preferences. some may think halo is not that great but some may feel that its the next best thing since a slice of bread. corps like to play with numbers, but sometimes they are forgetting many factors behind it. huge numbers is great but does not ultimately means it has nothing wrong. it does happen at least to me when a game avg out 90/100 and i played a few times and never touch it again and i probably never even finish the game at the end of the day but yet i am enjoying something that score only 70/100 and replay it despite i have finish the game.

all these talks from execs be it from sony, M$ or ninty are just rubbish to me including those that come from journalist. the most important thing in the world of business is still the customer. if you win your customer that it. if you lost them and learn to know what you have failed to deliver rather than trying to think you are doing great and never learn to change. cause ultimately without the customers these brands and names wont even exist.

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RyuCloudStrife2589d ago

Microsoft needs to tell me where they be getting that weed from

firemassacre2589d ago ShowReplies(3)
RememberThe3572589d ago

This Emerald City stick is only for the picky :)

Seattle got some of the best Ganja around. This shit is POTENT.

kreate2589d ago

i wonder if ppl know what ur talking about :D

iHEARTboobs2589d ago


Cali's quality aint too shabby either ;)

Titanz2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

I'm sorry, but you can't compare Nintendo first party titles to.... Anything!(I going by review scores and sales, people).

BrutallyBlunt2589d ago

I agree. Nintendo has been around much longer than all of them and throughout the years have built very powerful IP's. All Microsoft really has is Turn 10, Lionhead, Rare and now 343 Studios. Each aside from Rare only has one IP this generation.

Microsoft often speaks only about America or tries to confuse what exacty 1st party truly is. Gears Of War is made by Epic for example. Sure Kinect is now giving them more exclusives but most are not made from their 1st party studios.

jdfoster002589d ago

Just get milked, rehshed same titles over and over again... How many Marios and Zeldas have they made int he last 20 years... =p

Zynga2589d ago


And yet many ppl still buy them, so what's your point.