I Hate the DPS Meters In MMO Games

Don't spam the results of every fight to my chat log; I'm not paying attention to those numbers regardless of whether I'm tanking, healing or playing my 'Lock. I hate the DPS meters in MMO games and I'm happy to explain exactly why.

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evrfighter2656d ago

When dps meters start making your friends look at spreadsheets for best in slots, specific builds, and specific rotations. I see that as a sign to stop,

Muckbeast2656d ago

I hate this concept in MMOs as well. It creates such horrible gameplay habits.

Peekayboo2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

MMOs are gear based and as any gear based game your goal is to get the correct gear to do your best and doing anything less means you will never truly be more then a button smasher in ok gear. Ultima online was 90% skill based until EA ruined it and in that game just as wow if your skills are lacking you will lose