Editorial: Why I don’t play retail

"Too many bad retail experiences and too many great XBLA games to choose from adds up to one gamer that almost never plays disc-based games."


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dedicatedtogamers2680d ago

I'm the exact opposite: I like XBLA/PSN games but I'd rather just buy a game that I can physically own. If you want cheap, compact games then you should just rock out the DS or PSP...waaaaay better choice than investing in digital XBLA/PSN games, in my opinion.

gamingdroid2680d ago

I tend to prefer big budget game, so mostly retail for me both for price and selection.

That said, digital games do have an advantage in terms of convenience and far less things to move, keep clean and store. Five years down the line my old PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii games, won't be that awesome to keep anymore.

cain1412680d ago

I've found myself playing a lot more Xbox Live Arcade recently but there aren't many good retails in the summer.

randomlyrossy2680d ago

I love retail just as much as XBLA but still a really interesting write up.

cain1412680d ago

I agree with him about the lower risk for a new purchase.

zeal0us2680d ago

XBLA is good if you got the network and hard space.

cain1412680d ago

Yeah, it's the main reason I had to upgrade to a larger hard drive. I'm glad the 250 is standard on the new Xboxs.

Jay5202680d ago

I can't wait to next gen where every game will be available for retail AND download.

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The story is too old to be commented.