'Michael Phelps: Push The Limit' (X360) Shows Off His Speedo - Screens

Michael Phelps: Push The Limit puts you in complete control of an up-and-coming swimmer entering the exciting and grueling world of competitive swimming in the hope of taking down Michael Phelps.

With more than 8 million Kinect for Xbox 360s sold since its launch, the demand for a controller-free experience is high and Michael Phelps – Push the Limit utilizes Kinect for Xbox 360’s unique capabilities to let players go beyond the pool in one of the most realistic and intense sports simulations ever created. The entirely new gameplay mechanic lets players accurately master the action of gold medal swim strokes and learn techniques that help Michael Phelps dominate his sport. With one-hundredth of a second often the difference between winning and losing, every stroke’s importance is amplified and the room for error is razor thin.

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I'm very interested to see a person playing this game rather than just video of the gameplay on the TV. How does one mimic the actions of swimming and how is it scored?

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It's like Sheldon Cooper learning how to swim without being in a pool.