8 Mins of Leaked Assassin's Creed Revelations Multiplayer Footage (PS3)

Net Media Now - "Youtube User, Gbiese, posted a 8 mins of offscreen Assassin's Creed Revelations multiplayer, which was recorded at a recent Ubisoft press event. He explains that "The gamemode is Manhunt, which lasts 8 minutes, and is split into 2 rounds." Gbiese played the game on the PS3. In comments' section of the video, he clarifies that the stealth bar starts at discrete in Revelation even if you aren't close to the enemy."

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Hitman07692685d ago

Gonna give this another shot but the series just takes a lot of investment of time and doesn't immediately grab me. Part 2 had a lot of good gameplay features but I found it to be too slow to start.

Rampaged Death2685d ago

The multiplayer is very underrated.

DanSolo2685d ago

The Multiplayer definitely has alot of potential.... considering as it's just an extra from the singleplayer which is obviously the main draw of the game it does well!

It could do with something else though... as fun as I found the multiplayer, and although I can understand how some people play it lots... it just felt as it could be expanded upon. Not sure how, although if I bothered to spend 30 minutes or so thinking about it I am sure I'd come up with a few quality ideas lol.

For me though, it is one of those games that the singleplayer story keeps me interested until I complete it... a lot of games I leave half finished, but Assassin's Creed I tend to play every Christmas as my main game and just play it whilst drinking a bottle or 3 of red and get on it every day till it's completed.

A beefed up multiplayer would be welcome though!

Lirky2685d ago

Here's another that was shown around e3 2011 in june.

very bizzare interview too.

trainsinrdr2685d ago

O i was only keeping brotherhood because of the mp but since this game is no different mp wise i might aswell trade in brotherhood now.

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