Gamergaia Preview: Call of Juarez - The Cartel

Western games are usually a rarity. It wasn’t until last year’s Red Dead Redemption that the genre was really brought to the masses. However, prior to that, gamers had the well-received Call of Juarez franchise from developer Techland to play whenever they felt like some gun-slinging western action. So, what does the developer and Ubisoft do during a period where it’s evident that there is a growing interest in western-themed games? They take the game to modern-day Mexico. This is initially worrying to fans of the series and the previous setting. In addition to this, the move to modern-day also seems to look like a missed-opportunity in terms of garnering more interest in the game. Gamers everywhere will find out if this risk really paid off come July 19th. For now let’s find out what’s been done to bring this franchise into the modern-day.

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pixboy2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

The game looks okay... but too much of the same old stuff... to warrant a day 1 purchase, it doesn't seem very 'fresh' maybe when it gets into a bargain bin... maybe not even then :P

lolpidian2563d ago

I am interested in this one. I am not a fan of western stuff but 21st century makes it playable for me. Even if it was a great production, I remember dying of boredom when playing Red Dead Redemption, just because I don't like the setting.

Cwalk8162563d ago

Call of Juarez just sounds smooth, that alone makes me want to play it. Call me shallow if you want.

honestpizza2563d ago

I am really hesitant about a western game NOT set in the western times... something doesn't seem right about it.

GetoverHere1222563d ago

Agreed, plus I already have Red Dead Redemption so...

flipmop442563d ago

Not really digging the modern time theme myself but I have been surprised by games before

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