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G4TV writes : "The details that Insomniac Games have packed into this opening sequence are just stunning, and they perfectly set the bleak and desperate tone for the rest of the game. It all starts with protagonist Joseph Capelli, former soldier and killer of Resistance 2 hero Nathan Hale, awaking to the sight of his wife, Susan, who gives him a status update on their ill child, Jack. Through Joe’s eyes, we watch as he rests his hand on sleeping Jack’s head, telling us everything we need to know about what Joe, and the rest of humanity, stands to lose should the resistance fail."

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DufferO82318d ago

Resistance has the best alien invasion story ever!

showtimefolks2318d ago

this looks really good and they have taken 3 years to listen to what fans wanted and made this better day one for sure.

I am not watching anything because i don't want to spoil anything

co-op in resistance 2 was my fav mode to play i hope they still have 8 player online co-op

Shmotz2317d ago

All there is is 2 player online/local campaign co-op

karl2317d ago

this reminds me soo much to half life.. its soo good

now.. about the coverage.. are this videos old?

it bothers me that there are only four comments here =S

this game is fantastic, i would hate to see it fail

cedaridge2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

hey i'm from oklahoma! but never heard of haven. and R3 come out on my Bday Sept 6th. lol

Pintheshadows2317d ago

Man, this just looks better and better. Bravo Insomniac. Bravo.

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