Ubisoft Is “Struggling To Nail Down” Ghost Recon’s Identity

GCO: "Ubisoft creative director Tommy Jacob has admitted that the development team has struggled when it comes to nailing down the “identity” of the Ghost Recon franchise, while simultaneously trying to grow the franchise’s user-base."

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ATiElite2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I agree!

seems the games core game play and feel changes with every release. it lacks that one or two feature that gives it a permanent identity.

BattleAxe2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Not to mention that the PC versions of GRAW 1+2 were totally different from the console versions, and in my opinion they were total crap.

femshep2683d ago

i like the first couple when you had a huge squad and went through like that

but i also miss the old rainbow six were you told people where to go and wait for orders, pull off the operation just like in the out and no one knows

the new rainbow six looks worse than vegas and thats where i stopped with those games

maxmill2683d ago

As long as it is as awesome as graw2 im happy

tplarkin72683d ago

I bought the first GRAW for 360. It almost felt like an RTS despite being a shooter. Your enemies were always a mile away, so you ended up shooting at red cursors the whole time.