History of GAMEBOY

The GAMEBOY was defiantly the worlds most popular handheld gaming device selling almost 120 million units worldwide with it's variety of models like the GAMEBOY pocket and GAMEBOY color.

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WOW Look how far have we've come!

Rigogo2685d ago

I just found my Gameboy pocket and I feel the need to play it!

xtheownerzx2685d ago

I still remember my first gameboy a first gen red gameboy boy did i get made fun of for it.

user8586212685d ago

Nintendo - King of handheld gaming

Urrakia342685d ago

They seem to have hit a wall though. 3DS isn't selling as well as they had hoped and the PSV is looking to capitalize on that. But man do I miss the good ol days of the Game Boy. =/

Rigogo2685d ago

I agree man, PSV is probably gonna kick Nintendo's butt!

metsgaming2685d ago

i stopped buying Nintendo handhelds when they ditched the gameboy and went with the ds.

one2thr2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Me too after, they even said that the ds wouldn't be replacing it
(Even though I knew it was bound to happen)

meday3542685d ago

I'm not 8ting ok, the dude who wrote this article didnt owned or played alot of gameboy games, article is boring! Who remember metroid 2 return of samus, nemesis, wario land, f1 racing, mario land 1-2, double dragon's, fist of the north star, street fighter, mk 1-2 chase HQ, i can go on hahaha. Getting my fist gameboy was like losing my virginity it changed my life for ever.