Nintendo Wii U: 5 Major Hurdles to Overcome

IndustryGamers: We recently listed the top five things working for the Wii U so far. That's all well and good, but not everything is looking up for the Wii U. There are definitely some challenges for a system that's trying to replicate the sales success of its predecessor and it won't be easy. This goes beyond the lack of DVD/Blu-ray support and the fact that it doesn't upscale Wii games to HD. Here are five potential pitfalls for the Wii U's attempted ascendance.

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Sinner101GR2682d ago

We'll see when the console gets shown off.

jacen1002682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

no console could replicate the success of the wii , ps3 had bluray 360 had dvd, did they match the success of the wii "NO" , so my point is blu-ray dvd dosent matter people dont buy consoles for that reason most already have blu-ray dvd players in there homes if they need them . wish people would give the dvd blu-ray crap a rest its gettin old.

N4g_null2682d ago

The whole you can't get another controller arguement is silly. Since no one says this with the vita which will cost more plus the thing supports as many monitors as the hd4800 plus the limit Is resolution based.

The article doesn't even know it's fan base. Hardcore gamers got wiis for nintendo but the sd made the graphics look bad in Hdtvs.

It's almos worthless to comment on any of the rest.

charmer2681d ago

i dont see any hurdles...i think nintendo put together the right system...or is putting together the right besides hating fanboys and false negative news..i think the wiiu will extremely successful if all the cards are played right and nintendo seem to be doing that.