Deus Ex: Human Revolution will have similar sidetracks to those found in Deus Ex

DSOGaming writes: "Ever wandered around the streets of the first Deus Ex? Were you surprised and - at the same time - proud for exploring the sewer network underneath Hells Kitchen and finding the MJ12 troopers. If so, get ready as according to Francois Lapikas, there will be similar sidetracks in Deus Ex: Human Revolution."

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Pintheshadows2477d ago


Ahem. Sorry about that.

MintBerryCrunch2477d ago

I'm hearing too much about how the game will be similar to Deus Ex, i just hope it's not Deus Ex 1 in HD, this should be its own game, there should be new mechanics, new gameplay

from what i've seen they look like they are on track, but i hope they dont "borrow" too much

DanSolo2477d ago

I think they are just trying to push the idea that it will be like the first one, and not like the second one!

I am interested to see how this game turns out.... I will reserve judgement until it's out and there are proper reviews and other peoples opinions being bandied about though!

PrimordialSoupBase2477d ago

Deus Ex is the template that more modern games should have followed. We've got way too many heavily scripted more-movie-than-game titles out there.

MintBerryCrunch2477d ago

i definitely agree, but in the end it should still be its own game,

what would be great is if Eidos put the original with the new game, then people will see why the original got the praise it deserved

as long as SE isn't apart of the development process, i think the game will do well

Pintheshadows2477d ago

To belay your fears I have played the leaked build. I explained to Quagmire that it has the Deus Ex ethos of choice and exploration but it is very much its own game. It also has magnificent lighting and attention to detail that I have never witnessed before.

The leaked build is my GOTY so far. I don't know if it counts though.