White Knight Chronicles II: Update on U.S. Release This September

White Knight Chronicles II is the sequel to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, a unique role-playing game that combines an expansive story mode with strong multiplayer elements. Created by LEVEL-5, the acclaimed RPG developer of Rogue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, White Knight Chronicles II offers a new chapter in the epic fantasy RPG and even includes a remastered version of the original game as a bonus

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fossilfern2707d ago

I dont understand some of the bad reviews its a great game and its packaged with WKC1. Winning?!

Lovable2707d ago

Opinion varies...

Me and couple of my friends already pre ordered this game. WKC1 multiplayer was damn addicting.

DarkBlood2707d ago

thats dead island and this moved to september holy shit my september buy list is already big as it is lol

Godmars2902707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

Multiplayer may have been good, but the single player story was more then a bit generic and lacking.

Lovable2707d ago

That didn't stop me from playing the story mode twice.

asyouburn2707d ago

@godmars. Out of the 150 odd hours I put into it so far, only 30 of that was story mode. That ought to give you an idea how little it means to the overall game

Redempteur2707d ago

the story mode is nice , it's nothing ground breaking but it's nice ... in fact it's more like a giant tutorial for the massive ONLINE ..

those calling WKC "generic" probably never went against the 'king of the dragons' with 3 friends.

Anyone you've played the game online should know what i'm talking about.

NewMonday2707d ago

the plot itself is good, its just not well directed.

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FamilyGuy2707d ago

I started playing wkc again, collecting more rare materials for when part 2 comes out. The story mode is something like Mario, "sorry but the Princessna (get it? -_^) is in another castle". I probably spent 25 hours tops on it the first run and 4 more rushing through it on New Game+. Aside from that my main save file has over 1500 hours game time now. So yeah, the online is definitely the main focus.

I pre-ordered pt2, still waiting on a confirmed
release date though.

WildArmed2707d ago

Dude, I'm glad the rumors that it had been pushed back to 2013 weren't true.
I'm glad they are still pushing for a Sept release date.

chaolankennedy2707d ago

Biggest complaint reviewers have, is Part 2 seems to re-use a lot of the same areas of 1.

That, I can understand. Everything else is upgraded, Graphics, Battle-system, new soundtrack, using Knights online. Definitely a good game.

Raven_Nomad2707d ago

Yes! I was wanting more information about a less then mediocre game.

Dart892707d ago

Go back to COD noob xD.

consolez_FTW2707d ago

Oh! Raven_Nomad you've played WKC2 already? An COD fanboy calling another game less than mediocre...not surprising..

negroguy2707d ago

Sweet cant wait. I enjoyed the game play of the first one a lot.

MaideninBlack2707d ago

Patiently waiting for this!

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The story is too old to be commented.