New Godfather game coming?

TVGB: "Paramount Pictures has registered a new Godfather domain, suggesting a new game may be in the works; now belongs to the company, Superannuation has discovered."

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Blaze9292590d ago

hell yeah. I loved The Godfather 2 video game!

banjadude2590d ago

Yeah, first game I got a platinum trophy for... must have played that game 10 hours straight, each day, lol.


Im sorry i just had to do this...EPIC SONG :)

trainsinrdr2590d ago

OMG yh godfather 2 was awesome!

OllieBoy2590d ago

The Godfather games are surprisingly good. Beating the hell out of shop owners until they pay you never gets old.

KillerPwned2590d ago

Yeah these games where awesome i wish the first one was on PC. It was really fun on Wii with the controls and PS3 was enjoyable. I would love to have a 3rd one.

BattleTorn2590d ago

I loved both Godfather games.

The Godfather 2 was a amazing game, much replay value too.

What killed it? DLC!

Once you get the Tier4 weapon pack, you automatically start with the best weapons, with no options to downgrade.

That lost my interest.

bring on Godfather3 though!

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