The Juggernaut Revealed for Twisted Metal

David Jaffe, the CO Director for Twisted Metal has announced a new vehicle for the game called "The Juggernaut".

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liveActionLeveler2557d ago

Kinda wish the article would have a bit more information but either way, "limited number of this character on each team" = WOW, it must be really powerful, can't wait 10-4-11!!!

subtenko2557d ago

"Im the Juggernaut B****!"

TheBeast2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

My wallet hurts already :(
@below: I think it was but I don't think the exact details of the vehicle were released. I found this to be new.

Prcko2557d ago

wasn't juggernaut announced 2 months ago O_O??

Kleptic2557d ago

yeah he was talking about it at E3, but I saw videos of the semi way before that...

awesome either way though...

Klipz-Wish2557d ago

Yeah I've definitely seen this vehicle a long time ago

Robotronfiend2557d ago

Reminds me of the Dreadnaught from the Jason Statham version of Death Race.

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