Steam Offering Call of Duty: Black Ops “Annihilation” Map Pack For 10% Off

Steam is offering the newest Call of Duty Map-Pack: Annihilation for 10% off to all users who pre-purchase the title before it's 28th of July release date.

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pungello882685d ago

My brother has been playing nothing but Nazi Zombies, this will make it worse...

_CoD-Pro_2685d ago

my brother does the same haha.

GetoverHere1222685d ago

Nazi Zombies to the max! Is this the one where you get to kill a zombie george romero? If so, I'm buying it.

Cwalk8162685d ago

I think map packs should be free, it kinda makes me rather angry.

honestpizza2685d ago

agreed. but they need to make more money somehow.

rmoar2684d ago

It's cool, if there is one thing Activision knows how to do, it is milk people for money.