City of Heroes: Going Rogue Collection 66% Off

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's another to good to be true Steam Daily Deal. Tired of the heroes getting all the credit and getting the girl everytime? Is it enough to make so angry that you turn into a supervillian? If so the City of Heroes: Going Rogue expansion is the perfect addition for you.

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pungello882590d ago

That's pretty cool, I always play as a hero in games but sometimes mix it up by playing an evil character. I might check this out, not a bad deal.

pixboy2590d ago

I used to play this a few years back... might be tempted again.

honestpizza2590d ago

It was engaging at the time, I just dont know how well it would hold up now against all the other titles out there.

Myst2590d ago

I think it's going to be going F2P soon also :| I think I remember reading about it somewhere that it would sometime at the end of the year. So if it does you certainly could.. :p

pixboy2589d ago

Yup, though I hope they'll let me play on US servers since the EU ones have always been dead.

rmoar2589d ago

CoH is still the best super hero MMO. Good deal.