Grand Companies of Eorzea to Debut in Final Fantasy XIV With 1.18 Patch

Today Square Enix announced that another of Final Fantasy XIV’s most awaited incoming features will be introduced with 1.18: The Grand Companies of Eorzea.

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Myst2710d ago

See lots of grand things coming to XIV. Can't wait for when the PS3 version launches and the things we will be introduced to. Just hope it won't be like XI and ave a huge download the moment you pop it in.

*Fingers crossed and hoping that they include majority of these things on the disc*

Abriael2710d ago

I actually thought so too. Unfortunately big day one patches aren't that uncommon in MMORPGs, but maybe the fact that the game is already going on on PC (and hopefully tested), will mean that most of the data will be on disk without the need of immense patches.

Myst2710d ago

Yeah. I saw it in quite a few MMOs I was looking through to try and fill the void. I just don't want to leave a PS3 on all night and day like I did with XI just to get it to start :p

Abriael2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

The last time I left my PS3 on all night it was a for a 24 hours B-spec race in GT5. When i came in in the morning the console was emitting a lovely smell of burned dust that completely horrified me.

The PS3 is still alive, but I'm never doing that again :D

Cwalk8162710d ago

From the horrible reviews I've seen of the game I gained an attitude it wasn't worth playing. But see that they haven't abandoned the even after so many horrible reviews came out, it makes me interested again.

Biggest2710d ago

They've been working hard to improve the game. It isn't anything like it was when the reviews were released.

zackacloud2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )


However,I think if the nexts patchs will be heavy content FFXIV will fixed in less than one year.

Abriael2710d ago

I'm quite sure it's going to be a very solid game even near than that. With what they announced to be implemented by the end of summer, there'll be a lot of fun to be had already by then.

KillaManiac2710d ago

Give me a auction house and then we will talk.

I do hope to come back to FFXIV in the future.

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