Wipeout: In the Zone (Xbox 360) - Popzara Review

A cheap cash-in based on ABC's hit show that's overflowing with repetitive quips, aggravating motion-tracking flub-ups, and bland gameplay. Full review by Brittany Vincent.

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Dlacy13g2685d ago

i have to admit this is one of my guilty pleasure games... its not great... but I still find it fun regardless of its issues.

darthv722685d ago

the best part about wipeout (even the show) is the effect that you as a viewer can imagine when you see someone "wipeout". Especially bouncing off the platforms or the big red balls.

That doesnt translate to the game very well because of no feedback for you to experience. I would love it if there were a feedback vest or something that created the resistance to simulate being hit at various points of the chest.

Not sure if anyone is making such a thing but it would add to the depth of the game as well as other games where force feedback would apply towards your body.

Before this game, all my kids played was the crash course freebie from dorritos. Sort of a wipeout-esq game.