A Lonely Solo Player in the Age of the Multiplayer Gaming

Kotaku: Hello, my name's Salari, and I am a lonely gamer.

Now before I continue, just to clarify, this isn't a cry for help or anything, but just something that I've noticed about the way I play games.

I've been playing video games for a good 20 years now, so I've had the good fortune of growing up alongside some major developments in the industry, one of those being multiplayer gaming. Whilst I can openly admit I do prefer playing games single player, mainly because that's what I grew up with, and still believe in most instances it can offer a richer experience than multiplayer can, I do still enjoy the multiplayer experience - a lot. But there's one problem I've always had when it comes to online and local multiplayer:

I have no one to play with.

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Xof2681d ago

Multiplayer games are only dominant if you look at a very, very narrow subset of games.

Like typical casual shooters.



hazelamy2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

i don't play online much because there are just too many dickholes online.

people whose only idea of interacting with another human in a game is to try to shoot them in the head.

in fps parlance they get called team killers..

even in a friendly or co-op mode.

is volition think only having co-op in saints row 3 will mean the first thing many people do when they enter an online game will be anything other than trying to kill the other player, they're in for a shock.