Battlefield 3 won't appear on Steam, retailer says

The splintered relationship between Electronic Arts and Valve appears to have worsened, with Gamestop now claiming that Battlefield 3 will be blocked from Steam.

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Warprincess1162625d ago

Well Steam shouldn't be so restrictive with their service. They kinda acting like MS with their policies. They gone to lose out on so much money.

Pandamobile2625d ago

Did you seriously just compare Valve to Microsoft?

Get out.

evrfighter2625d ago

Warprincess is how I always envisioned ps3 fanboys.

However I'm beginning to think he's not a troll but an idea someone came up with, who's purpose is to show us how far you can fall by taking things seriously.

theonlylolking2625d ago

Valve makes gamers happy, while M$ does the exact opposite.

Mystickay862625d ago

Seems like we have 4-5 MS loyalists disagreeing with actual good opinions about Valve.

BlackKnight2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

If by restrictive, you mean that EA/Crytek (it's not known who exactly have done this) won't let Digital distributors sell DLC and instead wants to force the consumer to buy the DLC through Origin so that way even if their game sells on another digital distributor site, they get EVEN MORE than what they get from that distributor....

Anti-competitive to all hell and Valve (Not Steam, Steam is a service, not a person or company) is showing how it is anti-competitive and removed Crysis 2 PER THE CONTRACT. EA/Crytek didn't care about the contract and wouldn't allow the DLC go to distributors, its all about money to them.

bumnut2625d ago

Why do you comment on every BF3 article?

If your going to write crap comments, at least learn how to spell.

BlackKnight2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

From what I can tell, Console/PS3/COD fanboyism. You know, since her profile literally says

"Im not afraid to admit that i am a ps3fangirl. I like the ps3 and i think it the best console ever made."

Check her/his comment history, it's like a brainwashed idiot.

LOL I like this comment she made:

"Im srry but nintendo exclusives just look too childish and MS is just mindless shooting"

And here she is, commenting on COD.....for PS3....mindless shooting.....

Lol just sad because I don't think she is a troll, she really thinks all this...

bumnut2625d ago

Check his/her comment history?

It had better be a her with a name like War Princess :)

BlackKnight2624d ago (Edited 2624d ago )

It's the internet.

Men are men.
Women are men.
Children are FBI agents.

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Inside_out2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

They will make whatever excuse, after all they are really good at excuses. The bottom line this is all about money and EA wants it all if you haven't noticed.

I don't know why Crytek and Insomniac are even involved with these schemers to begin with.

I'm hoping Valve releases some information on all this soon. This is a big deal, they will lose a lot of money over this and I'm sure will fracture a fair bit of their base. Last I heard Valve was a private company so they don't have to answer to self entitled shareholders but make no mistake, this is not a good thing for Steam.

harrisonxxi2625d ago

Valve's not going to lose money over this. They are already making huge chunks of cash, so EA choosing NOT to use the DD system that 70% of people use is just stupid on their part, it isnt going to hurt Steam at all.

Megaton2624d ago

As I said in another thread; they need Steam more than Steam needs them. Steam dominates the DD market. Hell, they'd probably be better off selling exclusively on GFWL than on Origin.

nikrel2625d ago

I'm not impressed by insomniac's new IP at all, i'll be passing. They are an amazing developer I love Resistance and R&C.

chaos-lockheart2625d ago

I knew this will happen, hmmmmmm!!!!!

chak_2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Can't deny steam has to change a bit, more and more games are missing on steam. Mainly in UK actually, and so starts removing their games (crysis 2, anno...)

I don't like the smell of that as I'm a fervent defender of steam.

aliengmr2624d ago

Heard some things about Steam in UK not having some titles. Forget what exactly, but thought that was a local UK issue.

If EA has half a brain they will sell BF3 on Steam, if not, EA is out the money. Only one experience with EA's DD service (pre-Origin) and I won't be going back, even for ME3.

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