5 iOS Games to Survive the Summer Drought

With many big AAA releases not showing their face on store shelves until late August, you might find yourself wondering how to pass the time. Well Rebecca of has picked out 5 iOS games that will keep you busy all summer long.

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theherp802711d ago

I would like to toss in Battleheart on here. It's such a great iphone game, and its on the Android too. You can easily drop 10+ hours into that game which is more than some console games these days.

dwightmccarthy2711d ago

tiny tower.. seriously i need to jack my friends ipod to play this game

TheLiztress2711d ago

I need to give those games a try. Especially Pocket Academy.

rrquinta2711d ago

It was hard to narrow it down to only five choices. There have been a lot of great iOS games lately.

Jamesmanguyperson2711d ago

Glad Pocket Academy was chosen..maybe if their sales are high enough, they'll port over Grand Prix Story!

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