Kid Icarus, the Series You've Been Missing for Two Decades

GameDynamo - "Before God of War, we had Kid Icarus. Some have described the game as an amalgamation of the game mechanics from Super Mario, Zelda, and Metroid. While that may be true, it’s a testament to Kid Icarus that it felt like none of them. Of course, hints of the other titles permeated the gameplay, but Icarus blended a Roman and Greek-inspired fantasy world to weave its own unique identity. "

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darthv722680d ago

this is just something in general. Sometimes what we remember fondly doesnt translate well when resurected. Im not even basing that on the duke forever game either.

It is about timing. We all know of a few franchises that have (or close to it) jumped the shark. Then there are some that went out on a high note before being corrupted. This is a franchise that has potential to satisfy because of the timing between the last time we saw a game and today's tech.

Granted it is on the wii but still generations have passed and it may work for nintendo. Games that are kept going continuously have the potential to jump the shark because games are made right after each other that ideas dont get a chance to grow.

This series has been on a long enough break and i really hope nintendo puts in the effort like they did with metroid or zelda.

AWBrawler2679d ago

In what Galaxy in Kid Icarus uprising on the Wii? That is a 3DS game. Are people still getting that mixed up?

pixelsword2680d ago

I played parts of that game. Sadly, I never got a chance to own it. It's a pretty nice game and if it comes out at a Wii U title, as the original or a sequel that makes me feel as good as the original game, I must say that puts the Wii U on the map for a purchase.

tieryas2680d ago

the sequel is coming out for the 3DS. i was hoping for the wii and wii-u as well. i guess it'll depend on how the 3ds version does, though the game feels completely different

pixelsword2680d ago

3DS? Niiice! I may have to get that one. I really hope it does well because I would love to see that one on the Wii U as well.

Thanks, I'll pay close attention to that one, because a few hundred dollars may be coming towards Nintendo's way in one form or another.

Peaceful_Jelly2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Kid Icarus Nes was one of the worst games I have ever played in my life. Nostalgia is really affecting the memory of some because that game wasn't even close to being a decent game.

Even the Nintendo Mag scored it with a 5.8/10 or something like that back in the day and GameSpot with a 5.1/10.

tieryas2680d ago

hey peaceful jelly, i understand why you might dislike the game. there were times when i was playing this, the game was so hard, i got very frustrated! but all the other fantastic elements contributed to making this one of my favorite nes games. yes though, it is very subjective! (as are most retro games)

bangoskank2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

"Alternatively, you might find nothing special in the gameplay and recoil in horror at the unflinching difficulty." -Gamespot

It really isn't fair to review a 20+ year-old game in the age of Uncharted, God of War, or even something like Limbo. We've been so spoiled by technology that anything from the nes days is only going to be played for a sense of nostalgia.

I became extremely excited upon discovering nescafe a while back. Having very fond memories of Capcom's "Willow" from my tender years I booted it up and
lost interest after only a couple of minutes.

That said, Kid Icarus was great fun when I played it as an 11/12 year-old but I wouldn't revisit it. I don't want to ruin the memory I had of it as a kid. And it wasn't that difficult if I was able to complete it in about a week or so. Games are nowhere near as challenging as they were back in the day. Again, we've been so spoiled in regards to visuals and the way difficulty has become so watered down in games today.

tieryas2680d ago

re: bangoskank: Willow! wow, that takes me back. haha. I also have very fond memories of that game. I guess it doesn't hold up so much on a replay?

re: pixelsword: as I have only 3 bubbles, I want to reply to pixel sword here- yes, I'm going to pick up the 3DS for kid icarus rising as well. hopefully it'll be good! and then they'll put something on the wii-u!

VenomousFlower2680d ago

Man.... seeing this brought back memories. I used to love this game!

Main_Street_Saint2679d ago

My god was that game tough! It could make the most hard core cry!