Fans will welcome annual Assassin's Creed 'if the quality is there' - Ubi

Assassin's Creed: Revelations' Lead Game Designer Alexandre Breault has dismissed concerns that annualising Assassin's Creed may result in franchise fatigue, saying that players will continue to be interested in the series if "each iteration is better than the previous one".

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Nate-Dog2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

"Assassin's Creed 3: new setting, new hero. That's the way it works." He actually said that? I really didn't expect that, so what does that mean? ACIII isn't going to be a predominantly Desmond-focused game and isn't going to tie up the current story (i.e. the assassins trying to stop Abstergo's satellite launch), or that perhaps there'll be an even bigger task for them to face after they do it which will continue on the story? Or maybe he's just trying to trick people into think we're going to get another different assassin from many years ago to play as but by "new setting, new hero" he just means it'll be Desmond's turn? Either way I'm intrigued.

Wait a minute, that quote was from last July? Hmmm now I'm very confused.

Blackdeath_6632563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

same i didnt think ubisoft was like that, unfotunatly he is correct if the quality is there people will buy but really this is not what i expected. i personally beleive that inovation is what makes a game sell if they bring a new and different experience in each game then i will wellcome that but the way brotherhood played was very similar to ACII whereas the way ACII played in refference to the first assasins creed there was a huge difference.(i will give them the benefit of the doubt cus brotherhood is after all a carry on from ACII)
from what i saw from revelations (which isnt by any means enough to make a descision yet) was yet again similar gameplay to brotherhood, what i did see which was different is the cinematic experience. i wish they focus on that and stick to the story line i dont want another copy paste money-brewing franchise like cod.
also IMO i think assasins creed doesnt need multiplayer and should focus on SP

PhantomT14122563d ago

New setting, new hero means we'll get a new ancestor to play with. That's why Brotherhood & Revelations aren't the third, because we're still stucked with Ezio and the Renaissance.

khan_saab2561d ago

desmond is going to be there for the 5th assassin's creed game. I think by new hero they meant they were done with ezio

LOGICWINS2563d ago

The last AC game I owned was AC2 and I deeply regret selling it after I beat it. Theres so much depth in the SP campaign and the story has MULTIPLE layers. Ezio is one of the best new protagonists this generation of gaming has to offer.

Still, I'm waiting for the inevitable AC2, Brotherhood, and Revelations bundle pack with extra goodies and the Animus encyclopedia.

I'm not paying $60 every year for a new AC game.

Raf1k12563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

AC2 was awesome. It had so much going for it, story, voice acting, character progression, gameplay etc. Unfortunately as much as I enjoyed Brotherhood it just wasn't as good in terms of story since there wasn't much there and fault drawn out which is the problem with releasing a SP focused game so soon.

I loved Leonardo Da Vinci in AC2 and was a little disappointed he wasn't in the second as much as I'd have liked and I also didn't like the fact that all the shops were closed down and had to be renovated before being useable which is just silly.

trainsinrdr2563d ago

Your actually waiting for a big AC bundle instead of buying them individually?
That might not even happen and even if it does it will take along time.
I suggest just buying Brotherhood now since you beat AC2, Brotherhood continues RIGHT where AC2 ends and it has an even better story in my opinion.

ShoryukenII2563d ago

I just bought AC 1, AC 2 and Brotherhood for $50 (AC1 was $20, Brotherhood $20, AC2 $10). I hate GameStop (who is having a big sale now until July 24 here) just as much as the next guy, even more actually. So I didn't buy it from them. I did a price match with Best Buy. :) Yesterday was a great day for me. =D

PhantomT14122563d ago

Huh Brotherhood's story was pretty lame... at least compared to the first two games. Still a good game though.

Nate-Dog2563d ago

Totally agree about ACII, I just finished my 4th playthrough of it a few days ago, by far one of my favourite games this gen (and ever).

midgard2272563d ago

what they say is true, except for one thing, the last 2 spin offs sucked, so how bout UBI actually try or just release AC3? though the next spin off looks good i have to say,

brotherhood sucked, was good story wise but the gameplay was just like a big backtrack

Sillyace922563d ago

What two spin offs have you played? They only released Brotherhood...

jc485732563d ago

Brotherhood is spinoff? that's a first.

dgonza402563d ago

I think midgard thinks sequel = spinoff (referring to ACII)

Nate-Dog2563d ago

How you can say the story was good and gameplay was bad is beyond me. If anything the story was poor (since everything that happened then in Ezio's life was unimportant in the grand scale of the AC plot) and the gameplay was better since we had more options.

stu8882563d ago

I don't want one every two years at all. It'll destroy the franchise completely. Why was AC2 so good? because it felt fresh! and all the ideas were brilliant.

Brotherhood was a good game, but it didn't have the feeling you got when playing AC2.

Having a 1 year gap is actually what killed Tomb Raider back in the day. Its what is destroying COD.

The best games have atleast a 2 year gap:

Gears of War
in fact I could go on for hrs with this. All brilliant games have a larger cycle than 1 year.

jc485732563d ago

UBI is just full of it. Even workers need a break from the game.

khan_saab2561d ago

"Even workers need a break from the game"

although i agree with you, i remind you that UBI montreal is the largest developer in the work with well over 1000 employees. an average large AAA studio would have about 90 to 100 people, so it is same to assume that not everyone at ubi montreal is working on the same title and although it comes out every year they take way more then that to make it.

quietlygamingaway2563d ago

I stopped after AC2

why not wait two years then release AC3

no theres 2 games between part 2 and 3

really lame

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