The 11 best games of 2011 so far

The must have titles from the first half of the year...

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LolololRumz2680d ago

Brotherhood was released last year on consoles, so i'd replace that with InFamous 2

jdfoster002680d ago

Assasins creed was already out on the consoles* in 2010. LBP2 I think deserves to be on that list compared to a few others on their. And Infamous 2 maybe? Solid list none the less though the Witcher two wasn't very good... Let's be honest... constant frop in frame rate etc was awful...

Hassassin2680d ago

I don't want to be rude here but you can't say a constant fps drop is a reason for the witcher 2 to be bad (I loved it btw), glitches can and will be fixed in patches... it is the core game you have to evaluate.
I suggest you buy a better GPU also :B.

Pintheshadows2680d ago

I checked benchmarking for my soon to be assembled PC specs and the Witcher 2s average frames per second was 64.5 with uber sampling off. Even if it did drop frames I won't notice.

Hassassin2680d ago

I have all but the portalble ones... The only other 2011 game I have is Crysis 2 lol.
Seems I bought the right games then XD.

WooHooAlex2680d ago

LittleBigPlanet 2 needs to be on that list somewhere.

InLaLaLand2680d ago

I agree and so does Yakuza 4 (yeah I'm beating a dead horse XD).

Giru0172680d ago

Marvel VS Capcom 3 on that list instead of Mortal Kombat? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA good one, almost had me.

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The story is too old to be commented.