The Workshop: Far Cry 2 - Part Two

The Workshop is a weekly column written by Nathan Hardisty. Focusing on game design, narrative and overarching philosophy, a new title is run through the Workshop each month breaking down its formula into a 4-part series.

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Inside_out2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I didn't play in the " permanent death " type of way but I agree with the sentiment that Far Cry 2 was one of the best this gen and definitely one of my favorite games not only this gen but all time as well. Playing on hardest difficulty will wake you up in a hurry.

The sound and graphics are breath taking...yes, it's changed a bit as time tends to make things look older with every new game release but once you get into the game it all disappears. The massive amount of detail in the waterways, the sound of the boat chugging along. The great weather and day/night cycles. If you ever tried out the map mapping tool that comes with the game you will really appreciate the work that went into this title.

Around here ( N4G ), there is so much hate for the game and I don't get it at all...such a fantastic game and for me...experience. On a big screen, with a decent sound system it was one of the best all time for me.

For grins, let your wife or girlfriend take a ride through Far Cry 2 in the truck/jeep/dune's the funniest thing when they give chase and start shooting and they think they will get away.