Microsoft Launch Xbox LIVE Micro-Transactions on Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has been keen to push the unique capabilities of the Xbox LIVE network on Windows Phone 7 since its launch late last year, and yet a number of features have been very slow to roll-out. After more than eight months of availability in Europe, gamers are now able to access the Xbox LIVE Marketplace from their Windows Phone 7 handsets in a similar fashion to that on the Xbox 360 console itself.

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zinkabassy2651d ago

monetize shit even more!!! Cannot wait to get a tattoo of xyz company on my balls!!

fooxy2651d ago

Who the fuck would buy phone with windows anyway ? This shit is gonna fail just like previous windows mobile platform, Zune players and all incredible stuff they promised for those devices

Arnon2651d ago

So I assume you've never actually used anything they've made, but you're going off of Microsoft's record of Vista probably (which was fixed with SP2).

The Windows Phone 7 is actually very sturdy (although I have had mine crash like any other smart phone). Xbox LIVE runs fantastically and updates on the fly.

Also, the Zune player is actually better than an iPod, and I own an iPod Touch and don't own a Zune. They have dual screens, with a tough glass screen on the top and a space between the glass and LCD so if it breaks, it doesn't damage the LCD.

Now, if you're talking about sales, then yes. They haven't done as well as the competition. But I'm not sure why sales would matter.

fooxy2651d ago

Im not talking bout that, its about Microsoft and failed promises, Zune marketplace was suppose to be flooded with goodies, omg Zune Hd with tegra chip... instead of that this year M$ sad "fuck it were jumping the boat"

gamingdroid2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Although I have had freezes and instability with my WP7, it is remarkably rock solid with a great interface. It's by far the best phone I have had.

Just wish there was more support for it from third party developers. Also, you have to unlearn a lot of things you are used to, because the damn thing is so simple to use, it is hard for advanced users! Go figure....

In terms of sale, I think it has done respectable and it is growing considering the market. That said, Windows Mobile used to be the sh!t and is now a second rate brand. MS should have revamped it sooner, the boat might have already left and now you have to do the swimming instead.

ManGastaS2651d ago

Yes I will buy another one october with mango update! I repalaced my android phone for a windows phone 7 coz it is more stable and yes I have a PS3

Apocwhen2651d ago

The Mango update does look great.
I'm tempted to pick up a WP7 when Nokia shows what sort of handsets they'll be releasing with it.

mcstorm2651d ago

I have the mango Beta on my HD7 and I have to say even though its missing alot of things the final release will get I have to say im very impressed. The new Xbox live hub is very good easy to use and quick. Market place search is really good and the new bing integration is better than any other Android and Apple offer. The phone is alot quicker (even though it was never slow with the 1st release) Also having Skydrive access and the new WHS app makes life alot easer when wanting to view pics and documents.
I was a big fan of Android had a few devices but when I ws due an upgrade last year I missed the big screen I had on My HD2 so I then had a look at the Desire HD and HD7. I decided to go for the HS7 and I can say it was the right way to go. I dont ever see myself using another mobile OS for quite a few years. Any one than comes out and says WP7 is just as bad as the old Wimo then they have never used it. I will not be for everyone just like Android and Iphone is not for everyone but if you use the phone for a week 9 out of 10 people will want to keep the phone at the end of they week.

Yes sales were not as high as Android or Iphone at the moment but it is selling as well as the original Android devices sold. Plus MS Released the 1st lot of Windows phone 7 handsets not expecting it to sell as well as the main two. MS have stated it is a 5 year plan to get the OS out there and then in September when Nokia join the WP team MS Nokia HTC Samsung Acer will be on a big push to get the phone selling more and more each year.

The biggest tasks MS have is they need to show everyone what the phone offers over the rest, Xbox live, Skydrive, Zune, WHS, Office, The best touch screen KB on any mobile device, Bing and alot more. But they also need to train the Phone shops on the OS too as they still think Windows Phone 7 is the old Wino.

I know a lot of people here will come out and say WP7 is rubbish and sales are poor but look at what MS are doing at the moment and you will see WP7 is just a small part of a bright future and finaly MS bringing all their products to work together and operate in the Same way. (360, Windows 8 PC and tablet, Windows Phone 7, Zune, Office 360, WHS, Windows Live ect.)

I’m looking forward to seeing what Nokia offer with their new mobiles as Ive always like Nokia’s hardware but its the software ive never liked. If they bring out a device with the same size screen as the HD7 ill be sold but if they dont ill wait for HTC to bring out the next HD device.

SuperSaiyan42651d ago

And it is fantastic! HTC Mozart 7, no other phone can boast fastest internet browsing along with a 1ghz processor and plenty of ram. Also has Microsoft office! Tons and tons of apps mine also has an 8mp cam and a proper flash!

Oh and with an app I can even turn my phone into an iPhone or Android with all the icons fully working as though I was actually using one of the two!

dazreah2651d ago

I have the same phone its one of the best mobiles i have had, they just need to sort the app marketplace out its full of crap and it can be hard to find anything good on there.

wwm0nkey2651d ago

Good to see some WP7 lovers in here too :)

Also as for it doing bad sales wise, it has picked up A LOT of steam recently and is doing just fine and Microsoft is showing continued support on the platform.

Also Mango looks amazing, it will be the fruit that killed the apple ;)

fluffydelusions2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Sorry but no that is not going to happen. Android is already dominating with 40% market share and increasing while Apple is sitting at a now 25% and going down. Honestly cannot recall where WP7 is on there but you can easily search for the latest figures online.

Charmers2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Your figures are slightly out of date, it now stands at :-

54% of the market consists of Android based phones
26% of the market belongs to Apple
2% belongs to Microsoft (this has actually gone down)

There isn't even ONE single solitary WP 7 phone in the top 20. It is quite gratifying to see Microsoft fall flat on it's face yet again.

Wikkid6662651d ago


LOL... those aren't even market share numbers. Ranked impressions don't = sales.

That data is buzz values.

wwm0nkey2651d ago

I never said sales where picking up guys, but more people are becoming interested in the product as they get hands on with it.

It really should be selling more and an iphone though, I would be VERY happy if WP7 and Android where the top 2 competing as you know, those 2 are actually good mobile OS's

HK62651d ago

Yeah I love my Samsung Focus. I didn't realize how sluggish iOS was until I got my WP7. I use my iPod Touch on a constant basis but WP7 is easily better than it. Can't wait for later this year when Samsung officially announce that the Galaxy S II will be coming as a Mango device.

EVO-OM3GA2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

I got a iPhone 3GS *sad face* but my update I'm getting a windows HTC phone but I am hoping nokia can bring out a killer handset to sway me to buy there phone

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