Rain Character Vignette - It Hurts To Watch

Rain, a power-hungry fighter who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Plus, there is still a chance to win a free download code for Kenshi on PS3!

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lostinplace2706d ago

Bring the Rain..I mean Pain

xxxAnubisxxx2706d ago

This looks to me like he could be my new favorite character! Kenshi was pretty sweet, though....

BlindGuardian2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

looks nice, the round kick/teleport opens a lot of combo possibilities, seems a little slow though

I'm really hoping the last one isn't Tanya, she's boring

I hope is either a new character that will be featured heavily on the next game's story mode or one of the remaining cool male characters from the post original trilogy games like Reiko or Mavado

BlindGuardian2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I don't like the costume

Sinterfire2705d ago

I agree the costume isn't that great. I hope he makes up for it will great moves.

LOGICWINS2705d ago

Rain looks like a Reptile/Raiden ripoff. Kenshi was actually unique compared to the other fighters. I'm VERY excited for Tanya.

TheCopyNinja2705d ago

How is he a ripoff when he fights and looks nothing like the two? Water = Acid/Lighting? The only the move he has similar to someone is Nightwolf and thats the thunderbolt. If anything Rain's is better and who uses Nightwolf? Lmao

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DTMBSquid2706d ago

Clever way to give away free dlc codes... Wish me luck!

Warprincess1162706d ago

Wow that was so overrated. It definitely did not cringe when i was watching that. Anyway he seems kind of boring compared to the other dlc characters.

Sinterfire2705d ago

Kenshi and skarlet are good but I can't use them well online. I blame gamespy servers, but in the singleplayer everything is fine for me. I hope rain is different for me.