Call of Juarez: The Cartel graphics - Should Ubisoft be embarrassed?

Product-Reviews writes: We understand that this may be coming across as very harsh despite the game isn’t even out yet, but if gamers are forking out $60 to play this title, there’s the other side of the argument which demands that gamers should be treated to decent graphics for their relevant console version, not a game which is comparable to Goldeneye on the N64 from a graphical point of view.

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tr00p3r2557d ago

The game will probably be pretty good, but I'm sorry Ubisoft..there's no excuse for graphics like that.

Warprincess1162557d ago

It doesn't even look that bad. Stop being a graphics whore.

trainsinrdr2557d ago

haha very funny your awesome :P

consolez_FTW2557d ago

LOL Warprincess116

I think that playing all that COD has affected you vision and sense of great looking games.

RememberThe3572557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Compared to that new Resistance 3 video and what we're seeing from Gears and Uncharted, this does look pretty shitty.

But compared to the everything else it looks fine. Plus, it looks like a fun enough game. I'll probably rent it.

OhMyGandhi2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

what's weird is that "L.A. Noire" had graphics extremely similar to that. Yet, when people see the "revolutionary facial expression technology" they think it would reflect on the craftsmanship taken into creating the actual models.

edit: and I'm still not happy about the change made to a more "modern setting" with game.
Bound in Blood was a great game, one of few "wild west" related titles. There simply was no need to have as radical a change.

kaveti66162557d ago

LA Noire was praised not for the texture work, but for the way facial expressions realistically matched intonation, inflection, tone, and emotion of the character. The textures on the face were not amazing, but they were good enough.

This game will not have good texture work, nor will it have revolutionary facial animations. This should make you wonder what Techland has been spending their time with in this game.

CaptCalvin2557d ago

There's no craftsmanship involved into making the faces. All they did was shoot a special camera at some actor game and turns it all into digital form.

STK0262557d ago

I doubt it will be very good, considering IGN's latest preview of this game was quite negative; now, I know it's IGN and all, but they're usually very positive in their previews, even when the game turns out bad and they bash it in their review of said game.

Anyway, when you get a negative preview, it's a pretty bad sign. And from what I've seen of the game, somewhat subpar graphics (they aren't that bad) are probably the last of Ubi's problem with this game.

badz1492557d ago

But for a game this far in the generation to look like this is a bit ridiculous too. All I can think about when seeing this game is Soldier of Fortune Payback and that is a crap from 2007!

SilentNegotiator2557d ago

I really don't think it looks all that horrible. It looks functional to say the least.

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RyuDrinksTheDew2557d ago

are you serious? comparing it to goldeneye?

im sorry, but thats beyond ridiculous.

Raendom2557d ago

Agreed. Seen worse graphics this gen by far. Dynasty warriors the worst offender, but still above ps2 levels. This article sucked cck and balls.

stu8882557d ago

yeah, i think some people don't realize how good graphics are on the whole these days.

dagamster2557d ago

If the games fun than who cares if the graphics aren't the best.

BlmThug2557d ago

Mate Even The Xbox 1 Couldn't Pull Of Graphics Like This Never Mind PS2

kaveti66162557d ago

You're right about that. People tend to forget now how bad video games looked. Their memories of the last gen games are biased by nostalgia.

Buff10442557d ago

I think Ubisoft has plenty of other things to be embarrassed about, yes?

Pozzle2557d ago

Can I have this author's copy of Goldeneye? My copy didn't have graphics that looked like this. :O

Pintheshadows2557d ago

It must be the special edition that came with a bucket of magic mushrooms.

To be honest this game has many other problems rather than just its mediocre visuals.

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