Target's Black Friday Sale in July

Target is currently having a Black Friday sale that will only be around until the end of the day. It’s not very often you hear about Black Friday sales in July, but Target is slashing prices on toys, electronics, video games, and more. Save anywhere from ten to fifty percent on Target’s selection of video games and accessories included in the Black Friday sale.

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rmoar2442d ago

Good deals if you need a console, but I'm set myself.

BiggCMan2442d ago

5 pages of video game deals and accessories man, you just needed to do a little browsing.

Cwalk8162442d ago

iMad, I don't even get paid until that sunday.

pixboy2442d ago

Nice, though... I wish I hadn't bought a bunch of games already :P

GetoverHere1222442d ago

We're now getting target in Canada, but from what I can tell it's just another Wal Mart.

pungello882442d ago

I love Target so much, this sale makes me love them more.

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