Capcom wants to know what you want from Resident Evil

Rely on horror: Capcom is asking the community from their Resident Evil Facebook page how are they doing with the series. They want to know how the fans feel about current games, upcoming, and what we want to see in the future from the long running series.

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Minartis2710d ago

I want Zombies, creepy old mansions, and Barry Burton as the lead character , cheesy one-liners n'all.

NukaCola2710d ago

Puzzles with stones and keys. No Online and No Co-Op. No more QTEs mid cutscene. Not more roid raged characters. Be alone. Be dark. Be afraid.

banjadude2709d ago

A million agrees with the "QTEs mid cutscene".

Actually, pretty much a million agrees, with everything you said, lol.

qface642710d ago

listening to the fans too much will just end up being a nightmare because in the end even the fans don't know what they want

jon12342710d ago

take a look at this! its a gun, its useful against living things!!

CommonCent2710d ago

I'm a fan and I know I just want RE2.

Ser2710d ago

Ah, we're talking about Dino Crisis - another series that Capcom fudged up.

A current-gen Dino Crisis would be amazing.

Quagmire2710d ago

Im sick of Zombies, why are there no good Dinosaur games besides Turok, this gen?

Grip2710d ago

less Gun Fire and i mean with that no freaking Zombie have AK-47, and more Puzzle.and be alone and bring back Nemesis or something like that i forget his name

rexbolt2709d ago

williams nemiesis wasent scary

slayorofgods2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

RE is getting too crazy. I'd like more of a basic zombie survival horror, back to the fundementals, type of game. Such as RE 1. Bring back that old scary feel.

princejb1342710d ago

i just want a real horror game is that so much to ask
if you add co-op make it a seperate story line from the single player and it has to be very scary and dark rooms and a flashlight as your only guide in a creepy dark mansion

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WhiteLightning2710d ago

Would they listen anyway.

We want horror back in RE, they give us a crappy looking L4D style action game based around co-op, something which people moaned about the most in RE5.

You see this Capcom, your first Idea's before co-op in RE5 (funny enough from the same website).

That's what we wanted.

Zombies, Barry Burton, Horror and tyrants.

LOGICWINS2710d ago

They'll have to listen once they see how poorly that Umbrella Operations game will sell.

WhiteLightning2710d ago

I hope it does, but I hate when people say something along the lines of "Why have capcom done this crappy game with Slant Six...ALTHOUGH I'll buy it anyway to try it" not knowing they're giving Capcom a "Happy" sale.

DarkBlood2710d ago

bring billy and rebbecca back somehow :P

SKUD2710d ago

Use door animations from RE1. Ditch any sort of multiplayer *cough* Deadspace *cough*. Bring back the mansion. Dark lighting and creepy music. Leave minimal amo for me to find. These are the only times when Its ok to use the ink ribbon / typer writer for saves.

rexbolt2709d ago

why a mantion i think the game should do a zombie appoclpase thing with zombies all oveer the city and u can see ppl geting killed and u can try to save them and build up a group to survive make it a real survival horror ware u see cars going out of wach crashing and all that crazy stuff to make it scary like seeing zombies chseing u and u will be able to trip over stuff and ur done if u do stuff like that even if thats a mini game they can do it they have ps3 and blue ray

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