GDC: We didn't invite Jack Thompson

Yesterday GamePolitics found news that Jack Thompson might be attending the Game Developers Conference as a keynote speaker, but it turns out that the GDC knew nothing of this. Now it looks like Jack is that guy who shows up at the party, swearing that someone there invited him.

The GDC sent Desctructoid a statement of correction:

"The Game Developers Conference has not extended an invitation to Jack Thompson to speak at GDC 2008," Jamil Moledina, executive director, Game Developers Conference, said. "We look forward to announcing the full speaker lineup closer to the show."

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MK_Red4058d ago

Big LOL. Jack Thompson = Joke of the millenium.

Robeezy4058d ago

Haha, this guy kills me, he just doesn't stop.

kingxtreme814058d ago

All that douche will do is spread his BS on a larger scale at GDC and he has no business there. I would be happy to never hear from such an idiot again.

shodown194058d ago

You know. I think Jack Thompson is the medium to where all fanboys of each console can come together for the greater good of gaming to destroy this clown.

One thing that Xbox,PS3,Wii fanboys have in common is we all want Jack to go down. The End.

Robeezy4058d ago


But as much as i want him to go down in a huge ball of flames, it is kind of funny to watch him make an ass of himself.

Chubear4058d ago

Couldn't agree more with that statment. This guy doesn't just threaten VGs but the American constition it's self. What next? Movies? Books? Blogs?

Ignorant Fanboy4058d ago

We could raise enough money to put out a hit on this guy.

When the hitman asks if we want it fast and painless, or, slow and painful, we will tell him to "take his time".

Chubear4058d ago

Oh great. Nice one there 'ignorant fanboy'. Sure why not? give him more ammo why don't you.

I must say though, you did a great job of picking a name that does a mgnificent job of describing you.

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The story is too old to be commented.