Rooster’s POV – BF3:Tyrannosaurus Warfare Pack

Rooster gives his opinion and ideas on Battlefield 3 DLC?\. What if?

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deadpoole2714d ago

If and I mean to say if Dice decides to add this to Battlefield 3 ... I swear to god ... it will be like so epic that we might even have to create a new word to describe the whole awesomness and epicness of this game mode.

But seriously ... considering the mammoth size of these creatures which involves land as well flying dinosaurs ... it will be really awesome if Americans and Russians are working together 24 players vs the horde of dinosaur mode.

24 Player (choppers, vehicles, tanks) Vs Horde of Dinosaurs (both land and flying - especially effing raptors).

It would be simplyyyyyy EPIC :).

DanSolo2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I'd buy it!

You could have a horde mode, but also an objective based mode...

So maybe start off in a building fighting off raptors or something, then after a few waves have something alot bigger smash it's way in and the only option is to run out the back... jump in some jeeps and try to out-run the pursuers (3 or 4 jeeps driving crazily to get away while the other people hang out the back shooting for their lives), and then get to some sort of checkpoint where you are temporarily safe, but have to maybe sneak out to get something (better weapons, ammo, tank, apache's) and you are going through the streets avoiding roaming Tyrannosaurus's and fending off small packs of raptors ect.... then get to the designated area... maybe jump in the choppers and unload on the lizards!

WHY ISN'T THIS GAME PACK BEING MADE RIGHT NOW.... lol damn I want to get me some dino-action!

deadpoole2713d ago

THIS ... ^^^^

Im tellin ya ... DICE got an amzing opportunity ... all they got to do is effin make it possible.

DanSolo2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Maybe do a halloween/horror pack.....

Zombies, Vampires, Alien invasion, ect
Show COD how to really do Zombies, I won't say anymore cos I have waaay too many ideas on that one!

Have a vampire infection one where one person starts off infected and has to bite and turn all the others... eventually there is just one lone soldier down to his last clip and firing at the approaching vampire @ssholes....

Alien invasion: reskin some apaches to look like UFO's, have some aliens with reskinned guns to look like rayguns...

And most of those ideas would not be hard to achieve... wouldn't take much more work than the Vietnam expansion... some reskinning, a few additions, and voila!

Obviously like the Vietnam addon it would be like a separate option on the menu screen so that it would be distinct from the more "realistic" game!

Damn it's almost too easy to come up with a winning mappack or 3 that would make COD zombies look tame in comparison!!!!

Quagmire2713d ago

I wont lie, the only reason I would buy BF3 is if it included the Dinosaurs.

deadpoole2713d ago

Then send an email to DICE and tell them ... Every single sale counts and make this happen if you want my money. :D

Quagmire2713d ago

No, its up to THEM if they want my sale or not.

Chewy332711d ago

If they did this It'd be the thing that took away my anticipation for GoW3.