One OS for Xbox/PC/Phone Microsoft’s ultimate goal

BeefJack: "You won’t be able to play 360 games on Windows 8 – but on the operating system after that, you won’t be able to tell where your Xbox begins and your PC, phone or tablet ends if Microsoft has its way. And that could make them an irresistible force in not only gaming but all home and mobile entertainment."

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danswayuk2685d ago

Good idea, but will people move to it

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SuperSaiyan42685d ago

I've seen several articles stating that you WILL be able to play 360 games on Windows 8. I've never even heard of beefjack wtf?

LewisDenby2685d ago

It was a case of a few websites putting 2 and 2 together and getting 5. The rumour's been largely discredited in the last couple of days.

zinkabassy2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

So they are moving out of consoles ? or don't I get something,..?
api overhead is huge on pcs,.. That is not how you design a console,..

I really hope they get the fuck out of gaming,.. because the shit they are doing to this industry,..I could honestly write volumes about,..

I am not hating them because I am a 'Sony fanboy' as people accuse me,.. which I am not,.. I could not care less if we get Apple console, Sega console, Google console,.. I would probably buy a lot of them,.. The shit that is going on in gaming today,.. I almost want to quit gaming altogether,..

I just want MS as far away from my hobby and passion as they can be,..because everything they touch turns ti monetized monopolized shit,..This shit is spreading trough publishers like fire,.. they are infecting even Sony (what the hell was that online pass shit), soon I'll have to pay Sony to get commercials on my PS3,..have day 1 dlc on my 50gig br discs,.. and getting nickle and dimed for every damn thing,..

Jocosta2685d ago

Wow, another carbon copy post with the usual rant against MS. And no I am not calling you a fanboy, its just your opinion is so very tired.

just_looken2685d ago

am i the only one that is wondering if the next xbox will need antivirus/firewall/spyware protection? also can you emagine if they put windows update on the next xbox lol. win8 beta though is useing vista guts and win7 control panel just a fyi.

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