Two Worlds II: Velvet Game of the Year Edition Announced

TopWare Interactive fired over a press release this morning announcing plans to release a Two Worlds II: Velvet Game of the Year Edition, a compilation pack that will include the Pirates of the Flying Fortress expansion pack, some in-game items, and various trinkets. And, yeah, it's literally velvet-covered.

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WhiteLightning2711d ago

Two Worlds...Game of the Year Edition

I'm sorry have I actually woke up in a parallel world where this game is basicaly the Elder Scrolls of this gen.

Most games that do well don't even get a GOTY edition.

ATiElite2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Two worlds 2 actually won a few GOTY awards (too many publications hand this award out so all your favorite games will win one or two)

TW2 thanks in large part to Euro PC Gamers is around 3 million units sold or higher by now which makes sense as it is a PC series.

I haven't finished it yet (The Witcher 2 got in the way) but i have TW2 as my sleeper hit of 2010 very good game.

Two Worlds 3 slated for fall 2012

VampiricDragon2711d ago

sorry but the game was garbage

femshep2711d ago

parallel of elder scrolls....if elder scrolls sucked

two worlds 2 ill give that it was better than the first one, but it still is no where near being a good game much less comparable to Elder Scrolls

ATiElite2711d ago

I like TW2. No i wouldn't compare it to Elder Scrolls but still a quality RPG.

TW2 solde very well so maybe the cash will help the Dev Studio really pump up the quality of TW3.

Dlacy13g2711d ago

Velvet Game of the Year? that is a first!

callahan092711d ago

How can a game that came out in 2011 be a Game of the Year winner by October 2011 with so many games coming out in November 2011? That right there is enough evidence that it's "Game of the Year" proclamation is a farce. Even if they could prove that some source has given it a Game of the Year award, it's an irrelevant award and lacks in integrity from the source giving the award because so many contenders won't even have been released yet by the time the GOTY edition comes out in October, much less by right now when the GOTY edition was announced. Pathetic. They shouldn't be calling it a GOTY version when it isn't the GOTY. It should be called, maybe, "Two Worlds II Complete" or "Special Edition" or something like that.

SuperSaiyan42711d ago

Seriously Two Worlds 2 was complete tripe not as bad as the first but still tripe. The first one was hyped to be an Oblivion killer and the second one no idea.

I've noticed this gen you have too many noobs thinking games like The Witcher 2 are great when it also is a big pile of tripe for several reasons.

Where have all the veteran gamers gone? I've been playing games since the days of the Commodore 64!

hazelamy2711d ago

i wonder if this one will actually see release in the uk.
they seemed too embarrassed to release the original two worlds 2.