How the Dreamcast Cured my Fanboyism

GammaLounge discuses some of the elements of console wars and fanboyism from someone who grew up on the SEGA side of the old Nintendo vs SEGA days, and how those experiences as a SEGA fan changed their perception of games and multi-consoles forever.

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Minartis2319d ago

The Dreamcast was my first console, + I still have it!!!

Shenmue, Sonic Adventure 2, JSR, HoTD2, Powerstone, MvC2, Soul Calibur, Project Justice, SF3, Skies of Arcadia, Daytona, Met Street Racer.....

..... *sigh* happy days, lol

jetlian2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

still one the best 2d fighting game systems. It was arcade paradise! kof 98, last blades, mark of the wolf plus all the stuff you mentioned

ecco was pretty good, headhunter. And that was all in 3 years. If only sega kept going

CDbiggen2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Still got mine hooked up. Great to have the guys round to play Powerstone or MvC or even Chu Chu Rocket!

Main_Street_Saint2319d ago

I wish they would do something new with those games; I wouldn't mind seeing those on the live arcade/Playstation Network store.

V0LT2319d ago

Those really were the best gaming days :(

GammaTru2319d ago

Yeah, the Dreamcast felt like the golden age of gaming to me! So many unique classics that play great, even today.

Just a shame we haven't seen the best of those within a compilation yet.

Main_Street_Saint2319d ago

I loved mine. I even bought it day one; never done that for any other system.

And that list of games, kick @$$!

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nopunctuation2319d ago

Weird title. Dreamcast usually incites irrational fanboyism by making people defend a dead console that failed pretty hard in the market. Maybe if that controller wasnt so hideous. Seriously, there is no way that thing is confortable.

gaffyh2319d ago

Did you ever hold one? I didn't own a Dreamcast (always wanted too though), but the controller was pretty comfortable, probably because the triggers were on the back rather than the top.

firemassacre2319d ago

the dreamcast was a wild card.

Warprincess1162319d ago

Ok and what if people don't like the exclusives on the other consoles. Im srry but nintendo exclusives just look too childish and MS is just mindless shooting. Fanboys don't just hate on another console for no-reason. The way the other company treats their customers and the quality of the games plays an huge roll in hating and supporting a console.

CDbiggen2319d ago

There should be a way to give you no bubbles at all.

GammaTru2319d ago

Each console has their own strengths and weaknesses in my mind, but these somewhat complement each other if you're lucky enough to own them all. Nintendo exclusives may 'look' childish, but they're actually pretty fun. I honestly think gaming is too serious these days, so games which actually keep some of the 'childish' and colourful nature are a Godsend.

SwampCroc2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

I'll admit it the Dreamcast ideal grabbed me up real quick.. I forget how old I was but I remember I had to get rid of my PS1 and games in order to get it.(Parents)

so I took the gamble. I had it for awhile probably atleast a few years before ultimately getting a PS2. and now I own 360 and PS3.. there is a Wii in the house but eh it's not really my thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.