Soundgarden shares six pack with Rock Band

From Six tracks from Soundgarden will be added to the Rock Band Music Store on Tuesday.

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Buntownik2441d ago

Now all we need is more Mudvayne and Deftones... something actually worth buying please...

NarooN2441d ago

Deftones stopped being nu-metal pretty much after their first album, so you can fuck off with that shit.

Buntownik2438d ago

What's wrong with Nu Metal? I don't even know what that is... So I'm not allowed to like Deftones because it's "Nu Metal"?

Bowzabub2441d ago

I'll buy that for a dollar!

Mr Tretton2441d ago

Can't wait for the new Soundgarden album next year!

KeiserSosay47882441d ago

What???? There's a new Soundgarden next year?!?!?! I loved Badmotorfinger, easily one of the best rock albums of ALL time. It's one of those rare Cd's that is good "front to back" lol

earbus2441d ago

Matt cameron is a drum champion big fan of ultra mega ok ,screaming fop and bad motorfinger kim thayil plays guitar like chong sonic joy.