FN Podcast Episode 9: Pryde & Lisa Foiles 4EVR

NotFNcute writes: "*NSFW* On Episode 9 of the FN Podcast, FN Shorty tries to contain her rage after Pryde and Jon Venture’s Ms. Splosion Man interview with Lisa Foiles of and All That fame. The gang also discusses the string of local Gamestop robberies and Senate Bill 978 which may make online game streaming illegal. On Personal Space Invaders the ladies discuss Anteaters vs. Mushrooms, and Pryde goes Gaga over Dance Central in her Boba Fett helmet."

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FN_Pryde2624d ago

Holy cow is this episode not safe for almost anyone...

Try to overlook my geeking out over Lisa, she's my ultimate geeky gamer girl crush and I was SQUEEING for a solid 20 minutes.

Hitman07692624d ago

Squeeing is hot!! That streaming bill is total trash though right?

Hayabusawoman132624d ago

Lisa Foiles has really done a lot for gaming. I respect that. I love how we are seeing more and more legit gaming women enter the scene and I'm proud of these girls!"

nightmarex1212624d ago

God these two chicks are annoying they are fucking hipsters they dont know shit about gaming they are just like ijustine.

QuinnSullivan2624d ago

This show is badass. I approve, hard.

Hozi892624d ago

They should just make crazy love to one another while talking about videogames.

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