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LAG Writes: "The PSN Pass has been announced , but alot of people were confused on what the PSN Pass really is. So read this and you will fully understand what the PSN Pass is."

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JoGam2627d ago

I can see Gaemfly working out a deal where they will offer rented PSN passes or have PSN passes for games they rented. They will just need to pay royalties to that company of game.

LOGICWINS2627d ago

"They will just need to pay royalties to that company of game."

Wouldn't that mean that they MAY have to raise the price of a Gamefly sub to offset the loss?

JoGam2627d ago

Maybe. I don't know. Im just thinking of ways Gamefly could continue to rent games with the online capabilities. I just don't see Gamefly going out of business because of it.

Tachyon_Nova2627d ago

Does anyone know if it unlocks to all accounts on a system or just one account? Me and my brothers enjoy Resistance but like to play on separate accounts. Living in Australia I already pay more for my games than most of the rest of the world, if I have to buy separate passes for each account, I wont buy the game, simple as that.

rlineker2627d ago

It will most likely be 1 pass for 1 account.

DarkTower8052627d ago

If it's anything like the MK pass it will be for all accounts.

crematory2627d ago

i'm sure its attached for ps3 systems with many accounts

1- BFBC2
3- DIRT 3

all have online pass but u can make many accounts in same system

newleaf2627d ago

Did I just read $20? Lol please tell me that is not the official price. Please.

crematory2627d ago

yea $20 is really over its a price of a decent old retail game

Quagmire2626d ago

Heck, I have to pay 20bux for each Online Pass if I want to buy MK second hand, its ridiculous

DarkTower8052627d ago

I thought it was going to be $10. Either way, expect to see a secondary market on Ebay for passes.

Godchild10202627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Where is the proof it will cost 20 dollars?

I'm sure there was no determined price yet.