Metal Gear HD Collection to have New Voice Work?

IGN: The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection could include new voice acting on top of spruced up visuals, according to a recent Twitter post from Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment Hideo Kojima.

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BroGamer2680d ago

I sure hope so. That'd be awesome. I want a synced version of MGS3 this time.

Blacktric2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Hehehe nice trolling attempt man. But really, if this happens (with DIFFERENT ACTORS no the same ones), I'll rip the nuts off of whoever responsible of doing this. They're doing the same crap with Silent Hill Collection because of how cheap they are. I mean why the hell would a company not pay the money they owe to their voice actors (mainly Guy Cihi, the voice of James Sunderland who also did the mocap) yet keep using the work they did in the re-releases of the same game? Pathetic.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2680d ago

Guy Cihi was James Sunderland as far as I'm concerned.

BroGamer2680d ago

It wasn't a troll attempt, MGS series are my favourites of all time. If they change voice actors I'd be furious too, particularly Hayter, he's awesome.

Blacktric2680d ago

So you actually meant that a "re-recording with the SAME EXACT ACTORS AND ACTRESSES" would be great instead of new ones. I might agree on that.


Completely agreed. And he and other people Konami haven't paid yet should be compensated.

Ocelot5252680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

WTF doesn't this get approved?

This is a annoying thing about n4g. List articles get approved within 10 minutes, important news gets ignored...

BroGamer2680d ago

Mmmm I don't get it. I have done an article about the same thing but have had to hold back submission because of this one. I hope this one gets through, its newsworthy.

pixelsword2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

It would have to: Mai Ling, Raiden, and some others had their voices replaced.

ScubaSteve12680d ago

David Hayter better still be snake

Mr Patriot2680d ago

That dude's voice is epic

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The story is too old to be commented.