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NowGamer runs down the utter classics that deserve to be remade, and what they might be like if they existed on modern hardware. (With videos for each game.)

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chidori6662708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

enough with this FFVII remake bullshit.
It's not gonna happen.Also, FFV was a lot better than VII. A LOT!

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I would pay if remade for:

Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, metal gear Solid ( just make a compilation Konami! )
Stella Deus: The gate of Eternity
Jumping Flash
Breath of Fire 3
Ring of Red
Deus Ex
Vagrant Story
Vandal Hearts
Final Fantasy VII and VIII.

EDIT: a lot of people wants Final Fantasy VII remake, also if it would a lot of work I think SE knows that they could make a good ammount of money. I would not say that it' s not going to happen considering that it would probably sell a good ammount of copies.

EDIT 2: I just noticed that all but one of the games I listed are from japanese developers ... what a sad generation is this one ...

Hozi892708d ago

Hey let's all donate $5.00 and tell square we want a remake of FF VII.

Pokemon? Seriously? Like they don't all feel the same already...honestly every pokemon game feels like the same story over and over....give or take some new pokemon, characters, and places.

I'd pay to get remakes of Final Fantasy VII, Vagrant Story, Legend of Dragoon, Breath or Fire 3 and 4, MGS1 and that's about it for me.

IAmTheTruth2708d ago

They won't make remake Final Fantasy VII because it would have to be a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

ThatEnglishDude2708d ago

I'm sick of people wanting a remake of FF7 purely for the visuals. There's more important things that could be included...such as a better translation, more satisfactory tie ins with the various other games in the FF7 universe and more. FF7 is without a doubt my favorite game of all time (not the BEST game I've ever played...just my most favorite) and I for one wouldn't want to see it remade.

keith-ps32707d ago

dont kid your self there is no game better then ff7

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