Assassin's Creed Revelations 'won't answer everything,' teases writer

Ezio's finale could feature some "devious" story twists

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Nate-Dog2680d ago

Well duh since we still have at least ACIII to look forward to to tie-up Desmond's story, and probably other spin-offs aswell after that.

LOGICWINS2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I'm tempted to buy Revelations to see what happens...but I think ill just watch all the cutscenes on Youtube like I did with Brotherhood. Beats paying $60.

I'm all for buying AC3 if they change the era the early Americas or something.

omi25p2679d ago

Whats the fun in watching all the cutscenes. Brotherhood is a brilliant game and is definetly worth the money and Revelations looks to be the same.

Also alot of the story is in the ingame stuff, so if your just watching cutscenes you are missing half of it.

LOGICWINS2679d ago

@omni- Then ill watch the full playthroughs people will have on the net.

Nate-Dog2679d ago

I think if you enjoyed AC1 at all you should get Revelations, even if just for the middle-eastern setting and the improved gameplay of the likes of ACII and ACB. I liked AC a lot but there were (obviously) a lot of gameplay flaws, but even then it is a completely different type of stealth and game to the Italian-set Assassins Creed games and (I'm hoping) will be a lot of fun and a bit different to the past few games.

HBK6192679d ago

Why ever buy a game when you can watch it on the youtubes?

Your logic definitely does something, whether or not that is winning is iffy.

LOGICWINS2679d ago

@HBK619- I do buy games. A lot of them actually. Just yesterday I gt Yakuza 4, Just Cause 2, and Batman: Arkham Asylum of Amazon. I just feel that another yearly AC rehash isn't worth my money.

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nopunctuation2679d ago

When everything is answered, the world will probably explode.

femshep2679d ago

well yeah i would expect it to be assassin's creed 3 if it were actually progressing the story some more instead of continuing the life of a Italian that already served his purpose so i don't care about him now...i wanna know what happens to desmond the real main char

mttrackmaster382679d ago

Their gonna milk this series to death.

Neo Nugget2679d ago

Doesn't mean the milk can't taste delicious.

Tru_Blu2679d ago

Agree. It's being milked but the games are actually good unlike some other games that get churned out.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Sure ezio's story is interesting but nothing compared to Desmond!

Still i want to see what they do with Altair and Ezio. I've just bought Ac1 off the ps store a few weeks ago for$10 and enjoyed it a bit but i did not really get into Altairs character to much.

Ac3 2012?

omi25p2679d ago

Ive got this theory that when you finish AC3 desmond will die and someone in the future will wake up in an animus. Which means desmond was just like Ezio or altair and is just an ancestor whos memorys are being replayed.

Quagmire2679d ago

Yea, it would make a for a trippy, yet awesome ending, however just wouldnt make any sense.

Why would Desmon's descendant want to relive Desmond's past...when all he is doing is reliving Ezio/Altair's past?

Couldnt he just skip Desmond and go straight to Ezio/Altair?

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