Write the Lightning - Tim Schafer Prefers New Games To Sequels

Tim Schafer spent 10 years at LucasArts during the heyday of the adventure game era, where he worked on such landmark titles as The Secret of Monkey Island Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. Known for working heavy doses of humor into his games, in 2000 Schafer left LucasArts to start his own company, Double Fine Productions, which went on to release the critically acclaimed Psychonauts in 2005. The company is currently at work on its next, as-yet-unannounced title.

Playboy: How long have you been making games?

Schafer: Almost 20 years. My game career can drive and vote. But it cannot drink.

Playboy: What was your first?

Schafer: The first game I worked on was the Secret of Monkey Island. I was programmer assistant, designer and writer on that...

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