Drinking Games: The rise of gaming bars

BeefJack: "Tucked down a quiet side street, LOADING in Falmouth, Cornwall is an internet café and gaming bar – a tiny oasis of geekdom at odds with much of its seaside surroundings. We recently sent Emily King down there to play games, talk with its creator and drink some creative cocktails."

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Bonobo123452685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Mate that's not far from me, I'M GOING LOL!

Actually It would be cool to open a bar like this in my town, Loads of gamers around here would love it.

Prototype2685d ago

I remember in college a few of us had kind of the same idea, problem is where I used to live a place like that would die too quick. Also wouldn't be a bad idea if Dave and Busters did something like this