Sony Tablet to Support PS1 and PSP Titles

Not one to be left behind in the Tech World, Sony adds Playstation titles to “Tablet Fever”. Yesterday in a press conference in the Big Apple, Sony debuted their S1 and S2 tablets for the first time on U.S. soil and announced the tablets would come preloaded with PSOne and PSP games.

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mmoplaya2471d ago

Please mean that FFVII could be loaded onto it! If so I'm sold!

NewMonday2470d ago

i really like the Honeycomb, but so far available tablets have short comings, from the reviews so far the S1&S2 look to solve the biggest problems:

- quick touch response
- faster browser loading
- not IPad clones
- seamless connectivity with TVs

Emilio_Estevez2470d ago

It's a ps1 title on the store already so I would say yes.

greengamer2471d ago

Crash Bandicoot pre-loaded on a tablet, its a good start but PSP and PSOne games aren't exactly HD style graphics like the iPad

Thecraft19892470d ago

HD style graphics ? The Ipad dose not even have a HD screen.

Pedobear Rocks2470d ago

This is the first and only place I've seen that a Playstation Suite device is confirmed to play PSP titles. Are we sure of this?

VampiricDragon2470d ago

we arent sure. I actually think its made up

NewMonday2470d ago

Playstation Suite is confirmed for the S1 and S2

tiffac2470d ago

I think anything on PSN will be available on the PS Suite so it could be true.

Ddouble2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

It's wrong, only PS1 titles are supported not PSP.

maniac762470d ago

Dur,like we didn't know this would happen,its only logic. They will do this with the vita games at some point to run on future faster Sony tablets.

No doubt ms will do similar in the future

I want a nintendo tablet now

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