Kingdoms Of Amalur: The New God Of War

360 Magazine: “We have five distinct geographic regions, 120+ dungeons, four big cities, dozens of towns and quest hubs… it’s a big world you’re going to be going through and a lot of time-consuming content.”

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Dailynch2710d ago

I'd just like to cheekily comment about this. I can't see how this is going to be anything like God Of War. Most RPG's with action elements don't offer the same sort deep combat as GoW. This looks fun, but I don't know if GoW is a good comparison.

It'll be nice to have a GoW style game on the 360 tho.

jimmins2710d ago ShowReplies(1)
x5exotic2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

everything wants to be like god of war x)

EDIT: when i first read this i thought this REALLY was a new god of war Spinoff x( stupid article names

chaos-lockheart2710d ago

Hey, I dont think nothing is wrong with making a game like GOW, to me its in the same genera, action. The more like GOW with great game play and story the better, we will have more games like this and have fun playing it.

x5exotic2710d ago

@Chaos-lockheart i don't mind it at all
it's just that they always SUCK ASS :(
i was so excited for Darksiders, and....
samefor bayo, and...
i gave up hope and never even acknowledged Dante's inferno/CV:LOS
if this game is actually like god of war then i'd love to play it, if it were on PS3 :P

Pintheshadows2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

It has that label because a few publications labelled the combat as being a bit like GoW. This article seems to miss the point that it is an open world action RPG. How it can be the new GoW when it is a different genre boggles the mind.

This site is really clutching at straws.

ElDorado2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I knew it was coming from a Xbox site straight away. Xbox has some great exclusives like Halo, Gears of War. Why not talk about these great games instead of this "New God of War". God of War is a PlayStation franchise, so no this is not a new God of War. Let's wait until the game is released.

DarkTower8052710d ago

These 360 sites can't seem to stay away from PS3 games. Kinda pathetic. On another note, I will keep this game on my radar now, and see how it turns out.

jdfoster002710d ago

Thought this was multi plat... o.o

Quagmire2710d ago

The writer must be pretty stupid if he thinks this has any relation at all to God of War

CBaoth2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

3 words: Rolston, McFarlane, Salvatore. All you need to know TO KNOW that Kingdoms deserves some hype and exposure on its own merits. I also like that it's being developed in conjunction with a MMO (which means an entire mythos is being created as a backdrop for the new IPs).

Am I the only gamer here, despite my excitement for Skyrim, isn't just a little nervous that the former LEAD designer for Bethesda's 2 best Elder Scrolls games ISN'T there? Rolston could've stayed on or retired but chose instead to come over to Big Huge/38 Studios. Doesn't that create a little intrigue?

Impressed Shilling got both T.M. and Salvatore onboard as well. Both are respected in their respective fields and will be greatly contribute to the project. I can see why EA quickly signed them to a publishing deal.

Biglet2707d ago

Eh? It's an interview, i.e. a transcription of someone's words.

ATiElite2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

STOP IT! Just stop the madness right NOW!

Now I know editors will whore themselves out and do unspeakable things just for the sake of web-hits but this has got to STOP NOW!

Kingdoms is NOTHING like GOW! I myself am looking forward to buying Kingdoms but i wouldn't put it in the same game class as GOW.

God of War = hack n slash at it's finest
Kingdoms = Action RPG

God of War and it's Dev team are so good that nothing can touch it and kingdoms is a completely different genre of game.

telekineticmantis2710d ago

just like GOW. Your discrediting Kingdoms a little too much. They both have similar, great, and creative action. Also God of war isn't hack and slash, it's action because the combat mixes up very well.

ATiElite2710d ago

I'm not discrediting Kingdoms in anyway. I even say "I myself am looking forward to buying Kingdoms"

BUT......i wouldn't put it in the same game class as GOW because Kingdoms is an action RPG as labeled by the Devs.

YOU said "They both have similar, great, and creative action"....WOW when did you play Kingdoms?

telekineticmantis2710d ago

You can go on youtube, it'll show you right there, you can see some great action, I didnt say anything about the controls right, I said action. I don't need to watch a movie at home to know if it has great action right, as long as I see some great action.

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