Is Microsoft afraid to make AAA new exclusive IPs

With so few AAA new IPs announced for this year and next from the Microsoft camp, is the company now relying on Kinect and third parties to deliver new experiences for Xbox gamers?

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TheLastGuardian20102559d ago

I would say so. Don't know why either. It's clear Sony shows desire for new ip's, and new ip support. Yet with Microsoft there's a very heavy hesitation shown.

It's almost as if there going the safe route, and less of the risky/taking chances/trying new and unnattempted things/ route.

Sort of sad.

dedicatedtogamers2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Not afraid, just unable. It is clear that Microsoft is interested in Kinect(but even that isn't doing so well after the initial big sales) so who cares about the fanbase that got us here? They're taking teams like Rare and Lionhead and putting them on Kinect. Heck, they're putting Crytek on Kinect.

Problem is, the vocal minority (a.k.a forum dwellers) are doing nothing but singing Microsoft's praises while instead the fanbase should be standing up and expressing their discontent with Microsoft's future direction.

StanLee2559d ago

I don't think they're unable to. I think at this point in the generation, they're just coasting. Developing a new IP is costly and a gamble. It's clear they're depending heavily on established franchises like Gears of War, Halo, Forza and Fable. Microsoft seems to be playing it safe.

DarkCharizard_2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Microsoft has some good IPz (Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable, Crackdown, Alan Wake) and don't be surprised if they help Xbox 720 win the next console war!

AAACE52559d ago

I don't like the fact that they are taking less risk, but you have to look at the bigger picture!

They came into the gaming industry pissing away money. They opened a bunch of studios to make new ip's, which most of them went nowhere! The hardware issues cost them a lot.

Basically, they realized they jumped in too fast and needed to slow down. Now their leadership is becoming a real problem because it seems like their main direction is to make motion control games and add entertainment features.

It's true that multiplat games do better than 80% of the exclusives on any console. So their logic in that area is sound. But the fact that they believe that they can keep relying on the same few games is just crazy!

They can't keep riding Halo like it's a Mario franchise!

The time is now for them to buy something! Buy Crytek, they have the old Free Radical team which made all the old Rare games fun! Buy Epic games, Cliff B has to have more creative talent tham the majority of the MS staff and could probably bring some stuff back to life! Hell, they could even bring Ninja Theory back on board and let them do Kameo or something... they would be far better than Rare at this point!

jetlian2559d ago

point it would be dumb to start new IPs! This gen is over why would you release a new ip on a system thats on it way out? Save that trilogy for the next gen!

Kinect games cost 10 million or so AAA hardcore cost 20 million or more. Kinect and current series enough to hold them til the end of this gen

ABizzel12559d ago

You're stupid if you say it's a waste for new IP's now.

The best time for a new IP is at the beginning and near the end of a consoles life cycle.

Making a new IP at the beginning means that early adopters don't have much choice when it comes to buying games, so if you make the go to game for the consoles launch then you game has a great chance of retaining a dedicated fan base, and a pretty good amount of sales.

Making a new IP at the end means you have a greater audience to sell to, and as long as a new console isn't on the horizon (as in a couple of months away) then your IP should be just fine. And if your IP is great then you have a dedicated fan base looking forward to your next game on the next console, and the next release is usually a show piece for what the console can do.

chaos-lockheart2559d ago

I'm sure they are working on it secretly just give them more time. Takes time to make something good.I'm sure the next coming up gaming event they are going to show something.

EasilyTheBest2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

"It is clear that Microsoft is interested in Kinect(but even that isn't doing so well after the initial big sales)"

Isnt doing to well after the initial sales????
Your kidding right.
Have you seen last months NPD figures.
507000 360s sold in 1 month doubling Wii and PS3 sales.

ABizzel12558d ago

@Easily The best

That number was proven to include all the "FREE" Xbox 360's given away with the Dell laptop promotion (buy a $600 laptop get a free 4GB 360).

Kinect hardware has sold well. Software not so much. I'm sure he was talking about the software.

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an0nym0us2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

What are you talking about, Call of Duty Annihilation is exclusive.

Inside_out2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

It's all about the money and building the M$ empire.

Sony has invested a great deal of money on games but it's basically been a bust in the eye's of the bean counters. When Greenburg ( what happen to him??? ) comes out and says Halo 3 sold more than all Sony exclusives COMBINED, he's echoing what is being said in the M$ meetings.

Why should they dump millions on exclusives and assume all the risk when third party is out selling all the exclusives on PS3. M$ has said they want to be like Nintendo, NOT Sony...that is what they are doing with Kinect.

If Sony were to start out selling M$ by 2-3 million annually, you would see a's not happening. If Resistance or KZ or Uncharted out sold Halo, you would see a's not happening and doesn't look like it will either.

Look at how much money M$ spent on Kinect chasing Nintendo...hundreds of millions. Look at Turn ten chasing GT...Forza 4 has millions and millions invested BECAUSE they are chasing GT and need the extra money and R&D...have you seen Forza 4???

M$ is a publicly traded company like most and BY LAW, they have to turn a profit and that is why these guys never sleep.

Make it about the money and M$ will drop billions in a heart beat. Skype turned down Windows Stevey B took that personal and now it's on.

Mustang300C20122559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )


And for you fanboys out there:

It is no different than Sony following the money. Give me a break. The difference is simply strategy. Sony relies and promotes about their exclusives vs MS focuses more on third party support which by the way Sony last 2 gens had BOTH third party and exclusive advantage for those systems. MS isn't afraid of anything and this article sounds so childish asking that question about a multi-billion dollar company. MS recognized what Sony didn't this go around. They took advantage of what Live offers and consumers seem to have made the choice as to what they prefer. The third party games simply do better than exclusives period. Infamous 2 just did okay for June NPD. It didn't push console sales. MS has been increasing and the top seller for the last 12 months straight. Even after the Wii price drop and they have YET to drop the price of the 360 AND they proved that Kinect is not the 32X everyone claimed it was going to be simply due to history. It is a different world folks. 6 years and still going strong. I say that is a win win for all the consoles that are still around. People have so many options and simply benefit. Some of you fanboys just need to get off exclusives d*ck.

telekineticmantis2559d ago

It's obvious by now Microsoft is much better at advertisement than Sony. Look at all the games an Exclusive 360 player has missed out on. The only people who ever made Sales an issue were 360 fanboys and we all know it... Let's use logic. 360 fanboys created this "war" and they've set the rules the whole time. Now all of a sudden exclusives don't matter wow!!

f7897902557d ago

Well of course 360 exclusives sell more. There are less of them to choose from. Sony has more exclusives meaning consumer's money is spread out more.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

They need new IP's. But yet when I mention this, I either get disagrees or bubbles taken away. People don't like the truth, it seems.

And inside_out, your argument is delusional. Exclusive games is what keeps a console alive. When those games dry up, the system dies. Microsoft needs to focus more on their gamers rather than a money trail, afterall, people are buying their system. When will any of you get it? Back in 2007, it was about graphics and games. Now all of a sudden, it's about sales and a Microsoft empire.


EDIT: Hey, GENIUS. Sony may care about profit, just like any other company but at least they place gamers first because they want the money FROM THE GAMERS. What has Microsoft been doing? Catering to soccer moms and people who only care about shooters?! They have no new IP's. They need NEW IP'S.

You know how long I wanted for a KIller Instinct 3 and YET they won't allow Rare to create a new one or at least reboot one of their old franchises? It's ridiculous. This article has a very good point, despite the source. People are starting to question the direction Microsoft is heading.

Maybe you should too.

Stop making excuses for Microsoft already. It's not working anymore.

Why o why2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

sorry redhemi. I disagree. Seems like the excuse of 'microsoft is doing fine' has blinded some. Not all but some. People are caring way too much for sony ms and nintendo when they get jack sh!t for their misplaced compassion. We are in this for games and more importantly our pleasures. Im just a bunch of zero's and 1's to sony....They dont care about my life but they do cater for my interests than more MS or Nintendo do.

MS and their fans keep telling us how profitable the 360 and live is and how sony are struggling yet that same struggling company still produces games, keeps studios running and produces new hardware. All i want is games and support. Their position is irrelevant to me because I gain nothing for any of them being in 1st 2nd or 3rd and proof of this is where most of the goty's have been..thats right the 'last place' console. It used to be said that the more consoles sold the better the dev support. So where are all ms's 3rd party exclusives. We're in july; No non-kinect retail exclusive released this year. IF they earn so much surely they could maintain and fund a couple more studios so that the spread isnt so heavily balanced in kinects favor (kinect sports 2 instead of killer instinct by rare for example). It is always about profit but thats NOT my primary concern now is it. I play with a pad NOT a calculator.

I'm also bemused as to why people now think MS's next console will fly out of the traps with exclusives when we can see how hard its getting towards the end of this gen for 3rd party ones to be viable. Dev costs will probably be higher and without the foundations Nintendo and sony have its likely to be a similar situation to the one we're currently facing and thats them relying on multiplats and xbl titles. Studios dont just get purchased then produce; they need time and support so you build from the gen before like sony and nintendo did.

MS are not building but that doesn't mean they're not a success but it does hurt SOME of those who got them where they are now. I'm not a casual type so I'm not speaking for their type. I'm speaking for the guys who used to love, demand and laud exclusives because they were extra games that usually pushed the devs and hardware harder than the middleware multiplats that separated one console from the next.

I'm sure MS could take a few more risks but it seems many n4g members are ready with excuses why they shouldn't and that's sad if you really think about it. We shouldn't make excuses for any of em.

Munky2559d ago

Kinect was way more of a "risky/taking chances/trying new and unnattempted things/ route" for MS. They invested heavily into Kinect in the hope of it extending the life of the 360 and from current sales numbers it has worked.

TBM2559d ago

For me personally when both Sony, and Microsoft release their next respective systems I will not be buying Microsoft. The reason why is they have very little exclusives that im interested in (gears, alan wake, and splinter cell).

I buy these systems for the games that define them, but when you running the same games (exclusives) that im not interested in there's no point in me purchasing said system. There refusal to take risks, ride the same damn games over and over, and trying to shove casual crap down my throat has completely turned me off about this company. To me instead of trying to push the industry forward it feels like they want to stay stagnant, or set it back all for the sake of money.

BubbleSniper2558d ago

when it comes to games, I think Microsoft is sharing similar philosophies with Activision

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potedude2559d ago

Now thats tapping in to the ex-Wii market.

Aside from that, I think MS only puts money in to things it thinks it will made loads of cash from. Some first party devs do produce poop. Ergo, they only have a few first party devs producing games...

bunt-custardly2559d ago

This is the first Msxbox-world article in a long time that actually makes sense. Hence why I posted it. I've ignored all their other crap for a while now.

On topic: It's risky business but Sony are like the leaders in taking risks, and the rough with the smooth with new IPs. Fair play the them I say.

PS3 gamers can only win, Xbox gamers can simply weep or buy Kinect.

longcat2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

They started the the gen so well, willing to take risks like Kameo (which i liked and was the first game i bought).

Now, its like a cheap PC with some exclusive live games

WhiteLightning2559d ago

Sad part is they told Rare to cancel a Kameo sequel....and a perfect Dark one, I'm pretty sure a Conker sequel titled Conkers other Bad Fur Day

SpartanZero2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

It's not that Microsoft is scared it's because they have a reputation to having the best titles that tend to overwhelm other games Microsoft need to have good balance unlike Sony where you can make a you can make decent game and deliver because you don't have to worry about PS3 exclusives stealing the spotlight like say a Gears or Halo because there isn't anything on PS3 that is raising the bar so Microsoft knows that a new exclusive has to be the best of the best because it's harder to be succesfull in the Xbox 360 where the big dogs are at where as the ps3 you don't have to worry about being overshadowed by their lame exclusives

Chug2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Now that has got to be one of the most pathetic comments I've read in a long time.

jdfoster002559d ago

Absolutely pathetic. Grow up. You clearly are an idiot.

koehler832559d ago

Yeah that's a disagree and a bubble popped.

thereapersson2559d ago

Probably one of his alternate accounts, to further bolster his trollish ways.

Hey Jijoro, this is for you. I don't usually post this because it's trite to do so these days, but you really deserve this one, pal:

YodaCracker2557d ago

On another article, someone commented (and I quote):

"uc3 is much better than gays of war 3"

They got 14 Agrees and 11 Disagrees.

What do you think of that?

Bonobo123452559d ago

"isn't anything on PS3 that is raising the bar"

Meh another blind fanboy, God knows why they hold so much praise for M$.

This is the reason why they can coast on few titles with little to offer, people like this....

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2559d ago

Wow, damage control and a really bad attempt too. :o

Are you guys this crazy to not demand exclusives from Microsoft? Exclusives where you can play five times because they're that damn good?

news4geeks2559d ago

why do I have 1 bubble and you 2?

prettyboy122559d ago

Jijoro is it?you either a ms employee or the biggest ms fanboy ever,to come out of your mouth and say such a stupid comment like that...GROW UP!!!

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Why o why2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I think its more to do with the upkeep of the studios that produce and develop these games. Its probably cheaper to buy exclusivity and timed exclusivity and to market them than to fund 'aaa' games. The article mentions alan wake but why would ms expect a game like this to sell halo numbers. If this is the reasons MS dont try anymore then that sucks for all of us and i do mean that. I've still got my alan wake and was pleased to buy it new but games like that with no multiplayer tend to get sold off and picked up by 2nd hand buyers. Though many people hated on it, it was games like that that kept my 360 relevant because all my multiplatform games were purchased for my ps.

@ Jijoro

you didnt have to start crap and some of those 'lamer' exclusives you speak of were goty's Seems you're circular reasoning has already given MS excuses to move how they're moving. We shouldnt have to make excuses for sony nintendo or microsoft...They pay us jack sh!t so pay us with more of what we want. Games.

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