Killzone 3 update 1.11 is on its way

Guerilla Games announced on their forums that a new update for Killzone 3 is on its way. This new update will fix an annoying freezing problem and will fix some smaller glitches.

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chidori6662681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

meh,already lost interested in KZ3.

KZ3 player count will sink fast over the next few months ( BF3 is coming). of course, all of the other issues people complain about and the strong feeling that Sony/GG pissed on their core fanbase, doesnt help KZ3.

powerofcell2680d ago

Sony is such an awesome company. They carry on supporting a game even though none of us play it any more. actually they should realise most of us dont like online games. give us a single player game just make it exclusive.

ViserysTargaryen2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The fanboys raged about how great and awesome the online was during the beta. I wonder where they are now. The community for this game shrunk fast.

powerofcell2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Fanboys will be fanboys. Most of us PS3 gamers dont play online. Even Sony knows this which is why they havent given us basic features like cross game chat.

Most of us rather prefer to log on to sites like N4G for our socializing needs, Which is why we can be found here in over whelming numbers.

ShoryukenII2679d ago

I see what you did there.

GG didn't support KZ2 very long after release. They gave us 3 DLC map packs (2 maps for $5), the last being released in August of 09. But now they are releasing 2 new maps with 2 classic maps for $5. I think they're a little more frequent too. The classic maps are reskinned and made new looking. So GG has learned from some of their mistakes in KZ2 and are providing people with valuable DLC. But I hate them because KZ3 sucks. :)

Solid_Snake2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

@ Powerofcell I see you write these same comments every single time. Get some new material. You trolls have trouble with creativity? Or just with using your brain?

BattleAxe2679d ago

I played KZ3 for 2 months and got bored. They didn't release enough content with the game. It had potential to be great, but Guerrilla Games dropped the ball. Operations Mode was great, but again, they didn't release enough online content, and now even though everyone likes Operations mode, Guerrilla refuses to support it. They couldn't even get the map rotation to work properly with the pre-order maps.

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mcsm2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

The only thing that annoys me the most is the matchmaking, the game for me 50% of the time puts you into an game of 1v3 and does not even attempt to put other people in the game,The gameplay/weapon/maps/gametypes are awesome but the awful matchmaking and long waits to get in a game did it for me.

awesomeperson2680d ago

I know! Thats the only reason I left Killzone 3, it was a real shame. I was continuously put into 1V1 or as you said unbalanced games, I just couldn't stand it :/

Knushwood Butt2679d ago

I occasionally get that but not very often.

Don't really have any issues with matchmaking. I think that mainly happens if you have a specific map selected that you want to play. In which case it sometimes has no choice but to put you in a game with only a few players.

Last time it happened I went into a game which was me VS 3 opponents in Stahl Arms. I put up a decent fight at the start, then more players joined, and our team won in the end.

squallheart2679d ago

Thats happened to me twice so far i have to say i really enjoy killzone online especially with the sharpshooter. I only play this and mgo online and just pre ordered bf3. Finally jumped on the bf waggon after i was impressed by there footage. Always hated cod.

Pacman3212680d ago

Its a shame, i actually thought the story mode was pretty good, would of been great if they added a few more hours onto it though.
As for the multiplayer, i really gave it a chance, i even bought the map pack bundle, but its just not as addictive as Killzone 2.

B00M2680d ago

Played KZ2 mp for about a month. Got boring fast.

4221852680d ago

You must of been one of those COD noobs in KZ2 that kept getting killed.

B00M2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Nope, dont like COD either. One of the reasons I got bored of KZ3 mp was because it was just like COD. KZ2 was much better. My KD ratios in KZ2 and KZ3 were very good. So just because I got bored of KZ3 mp Im suddenly a COD noob? Right, keep thinking that. Dick.

Pixel_Enemy2679d ago

Yeah, I loved Killzone 2. The clan system kept me playing months after release.

falloutx2680d ago

I love and still play KZ2 but can someone tell me what's wrong with KZ3? I read KZ3 got a lot of good reviews but half of the people in my friend list that liked and played KZ2 hated KZ3, So I was wondering what did they changed in KZ3 that angered a lot of their core fan base?

ViserysTargaryen2680d ago

Terrible class balance and smaller game size 16 players instead of 32 players. Killzone 2 featured some really epic frag fest with it's 32 players. This game feels like CoD with annoying classes.

At least they fixed the controls.

falloutx2680d ago

Thanks for the reply you really explained it well.

Here have a bubble for being helpful.

killerhog2679d ago

Time for the real changes since you're misinformed.

Player count is 24
Control/gameplay is too simple and creates: camping, no sense of challenge/earning kills, made it easier to get kills with perk-like-ribbons, people just spaying and not aiming like in kz2
Maps are camp/cheater friendly

eraursls842679d ago

The game does feel like call of duty and most other fps, and its because of the "fixed controls" you speak of. I played KZ2 for about 6-8 months, I played KZ3 for about 3-4 weeks. They messed the controls up by making them like so many other games with a Killzone skin, I liked that KZ2 was different, it was refreshing

Knushwood Butt2679d ago

The people that whine about class balance haven't got a clue what they are talking about.

Bolts2679d ago

Invisible snipers with assault rifles FTW! How about Medics with silenced assault rifles and bots that can kill you even when the Medic is dead?

I do enjoy the new controls but having 24 instead of 32 players is a step backward.

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BiggCMan2680d ago

I'm the same, however I don't hate 3, I just don't like it as much. For one thing, the story is absolutely awful, and so many areas felt like they belonged in a Call of Duty story. The multiplayer, while plenty of fun for a short while, at least for me anyway. Felt so fast paced and generic, had much less team work involved, less skill needed. I wasn't to happy with it myself, but I know many that love it. 2 is the better game in my mind, and while some may think its crazy, I think 2 has better graphics as well, particularly in character models and gun textures, perhaps not environments though.

DoomeDx2680d ago

I agree about the graphics part.

Remember when you fired your gun in a dark alleyway in killzone 2? The lightning was extremely well done!

In killzone 3...the Dynamic lights of your gun do not even cast a shadow.. They downgraded alot in order to upgrade other effects

killerhog2679d ago

His reply is misinformed

falloutx2679d ago

Hey I appreciate your reply too, It makes more sense. I was confused when he said it was 16 players online when I knew it was 24.

Here have a bubble too for being helpful.

Bolts2679d ago

You must be new to N4G. Here we give bubbles to fanboy comments (The Cell is limitless!) and disagree with everything that isn't pro-PS3.

stu8882680d ago

give us online coop campaign! PLEASE!!!!

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