Top Ten Industry Changing Games

In the beginning, there was Pong. Well, there were others, but Pong gets my vote as the oldest relevant video game. Since then, however, games have gotten slightly more complex. We’re telling deeply nuanced stories with bleeding-edge graphics, featuring state of the art sound and multimillion dollar talent.

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potedude2686d ago

That changed gaming for me and my friends for ever.

I think they should have Civilization in there, that game got me hooked for years! And a few other PC games.

Never been that keen on GTA games but I do understand their impact on the gaming world...

DoomeDx2685d ago

CoD changed the entire FPS industry. in a bad way.

Why? CoD4 was good, but now everybody tries to copy the formula of CoD, which never ends up well (Killzone 3, crysis 2)

Pikajew2685d ago

Horrible list. They should if put games that actual did somthing and not a little thing.

Only ones that did the most change was Zelda and MK

Snowii2685d ago

what about gta 3?

i think its the first 3d sandbox games with options like stealing cars and such

also heroes

TheOtherTheoG2684d ago

GTA III was the first sandbox game in the true sense, full stop.

Snowii2684d ago

there was a game before gta 3 that was also sandbox

Picnic2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Right... no Mario 64 then. The game that set the template for Banjo Kazooie and various other 3D platformers.

And platform gams may not be a hugely dominant genre any more but historically they have been so I'd pick a 2D platformer too and, as boring as it is, I suppose that would have to be Super Mario Bros even though I preferred playing the likes of Manic Miner or Monty on the run.

And because I don't see many other dystopian shooters set underwater, I'd have put Resident Evil before Bioshock.

And how about Quake 3 for online gaming?
Or Mario Kart for the karting game genre?
Or Crazy Taxi for fun, open world feeling, racing games?

GTA3 is a bit overrated by the way in historical terms. Jet Set Radio was around the same time and that had a kind of open world feel to it even though it was broken up in to stages. You might as well pick the original top down GTA games rather than GTA3- there's no difference in gameplay is there. Now Max Payne from around the same time
has much more a claim for utilising Matrix like bullet time (and for its general survival horror like atmosphere in a shooter).

Ocarina of Time is also overrated in historical terms. Mario 64 was much more important.