Top Five Battlefield 2 Weapons

Chris Evans from The Reticule writes: "I honestly believe C4 is one of the best weapons in the game, it is useful both as a defensive and offensive weapon. More importantly, it is explosive! Unique to the Special-Ops class it requires great skill to use effectively. It is best used for taking out armour or commander assets, but you must be brave to succeed when you use it. While an Anti-Tank chap can duck in and out of cover firing off his rocket, to use the C4 you need to get close and personal with your target. Blowing yourself up along with your target is a common occurrence as you will struggle to get away undetected in a busy map."

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DoomeDx2707d ago

I loved BF2. One of my favorite games ever!

Only thing i hated was the guns accuracy. Even when aiming down the sights, the spread was extremely high! Even while firing in semi-shots