2.8m sign up for Call of Duty Elite beta

Activision has announced that 2.8 million Call of Duty fans have registered to participate in the Call of Duty Elite beta.

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SheenuTheLegend2709d ago

What the hell is this just take a look
People r just trolling
everyone is gonna buy COD instead of battlefield

nopunctuation2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

wrong thread sorry

badz1492709d ago

it's free still! who wouldn't want to be in a free beta? I hate CoD with passion but if offered a free CoD beta even only for a month, why would I say no?

Inside_out2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

It certainly seems like COD is doing something the fans want. I know the haters will find a way to rain on the fans parade but COD is well on it's way to being the best in the franchise....what about the other guys???...

...I guess at this point we should just announce COD MW3 as the peoples champ...30 million sold, 20 million on line...lets us now bow our heads and remember ( ) our fellow fallen game franchises MOH and soon, Battlefield 3.

karl2709d ago

cod had success when it became noob friendly in cod2

but it wasnt enough .. soo in cod 4 they made it even worse... and then codfans numbers really went up

we may not like it but casual gamers are a lot more than us

COD isnt that hardcore to me.. its just a casual game in disguise

soo my 40 year old dad can pick up a controller get into the game and have fun killing people...

all this people cant play battlefield or any other game..

cod its a cheap game.... and thats why people love it

Jocosta2709d ago

Yep, its funny you bring up the term "noob", a teenaged girl the other day told me she loves COD and hates Halo because COD is "easier" in multiplayer. Need I say more?

Jocosta2709d ago

btw I am 42, go easy on us, we aren't all noobs lol.

badz1492709d ago

40 years old dad? how old are you?

Mikeyy2709d ago


Whats the surprise? Im 25 and my dad is 44.

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SilentNegotiator2709d ago

The tyrannical majority, folks. It's going to destroy gaming as we know it.

May as well follow off the cliff as COD goes to charging for ridiculous things (including previously free things), eh?

Raven_Nomad2709d ago

So pretty much more people signed up for the COD Elite beta then will buy Battlefield 3. Good to know.

Trunkz Jr2709d ago

They get to test it before they have to dish out monthly XD

FlareDReborn2709d ago

@Raven Lawl yeah thats good to know let all the 7-12 year olds have MW3. Leave all the adults to the battlefield.

kingdoms2709d ago

You got proof all kids play certain games? You sure it isn't the fact that one franchise is more popular with a bigger base? Kids don't play kid games for the most part they play what the adults are playing.

bumnut2709d ago

I think you need to take COD's balls out of your mouth.

Mikeyy2709d ago

Theres something... in your mouth.. ohh its Battlefield's balls..

Why can't people just play there game of choice? What is your problem?

bumnut2708d ago (Edited 2708d ago )

I didn't mention battlefield

I have been a cod fan since cod 1, back when it was great, battlefield has my attention now.

nopunctuation2709d ago

Guess paid subscriptions for online shooters are a guranteed standard from now on.

Mikeyy2709d ago

This has NOTHING to do with COD and elite. I have no idea what you are talking about sir.

You need to go research Elite again. your post is irrelivant.

solidworm2709d ago

wow the world is chock full of mewling cabbages lol

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